How do DAX companies perform?

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Can digitalization help in the development of a sustainable business? Sustainability has emerged as a major concern for many DAX companies – but only by their clients ’calls for improvement. Most don’t want to change anymore. However, some pioneering businesses are using their digital skills to help solve some of the problems facing the community.

In order to get an idea of ​​the sustainability goals and assets associated by large corporations with their digitalization process, IASS researcher Silke Niehoff reviewed the sustainability reports of twenty DAX companies with interview twelve with continuing powers. Most of the comments expressed a sense of digitalization that focuses on direct benefits: “Businesses are very sensitive to the demands of consumers and see digitalization as a way to improve. “They can continue to grow their businesses without much change. They can create new ways of growing,” explains environmental scientist. Niehoff’s study was published in a journal Business and Environmental Program.

Putting first the demands of the customers

Digitalization is often introduced in continuous displays in order to meet the demands of the customers. Niehoff explains that “optimization” is the second most perceived benefit of digitalization, which organizations consider to be a tool that can be used to improve processes and improve productivity. efficiency and speed, while reducing costs. For example, the garment manufacturer sees its ongoing report: “By improving our digital capabilities across the product chain, we can not only connect with our customers, but become more as well as faster, better, and more efficient in all areas of our organization. to continue to thrive with digital navigation systems. “

However, instead of businesses that initiate environmental concern, it is possible to strengthen processes that can help maintain better sustainability. For example, one company that is actively seeking to improve the sustainability of its operations has created a platform to digitally connect various business systems and access environmental data such as energy consumption. collected, assembled, and examined, and the things that could be seen were seen.

Some of the groups surveyed in the study have proposed a more holistic approach to digitalization rather than striving to achieve immediate benefits. Some of this uses its own resources to combine with external and internal factors to develop guidelines for the appropriate approach to artificial intelligence.

Only 3% of measurements show a ‘strong sustainable globalization’.

Overall, Niehoff said only 3% of the motivations, challenges and measures cited in the sample report a “strong global sentiment”, while 45% found that showing weakness and 41% sustained global awareness. “This global awareness is changing the way businesses implement digitalization and, in the cases studied, it is why businesses have pursued digitalization in ways that have not been able to deliver. major gains in sustainability or can contribute to non -development, “explains the researcher.

According to Niehoff, companies that recognize digitalization as an opportunity for continuous development can set an example for others if their work is widely recognized and disseminated through highly trained leaders. , policy advice and communication with the scientific community, for example. Small businesses can be said to succeed through information dissemination and regulation and policies that promote a more sustainable knowledge world and implement pathways to digitalization to deliver sustainable results.

It’s good to be a persecutor for the profession

More information:
Silke Niehoff, Focus on digitalization and sustainable development? Evidence from a geological survey of continuing evidence, Business and Environmental Status (2022). DOI: 10.1002 / bse.3043

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