How did two women with the same name become best friends?

(CNN) – Growing up in the United States, Kim Pflieger always thought her name was a familiar one. Of course, Kimberly is familiar, but she’s one of those names with a lot of words, and she doesn’t know any Pflieger. He thought his first name and last name were mixed.

But with the advent of the internet, Kim met another Kimberly Pflieger.

Each time Kim created an email, she had to add a period or a check mark, because other options were taken. Having established herself as a producer in the real world TV, and later as a life counselor, this Kimberly Pflieger, a Canadian health professional, has frequently appeared behind her on Google, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Kim always leaves her name, but no other Kimberly. Or, they’ve shared the same name and the same word since childhood, and it seems like they’re the same age – both in their 60s.

Surprisingly, Kim was taken in by another Kimberly. Pflieger is a German name learned by Kim from a European country called Alsace-Lorraine, which was exchanged between France and Germany in the 19th and 20th centuries. Kim finds herself thinking. if the two women are of the same family.

In mid -2019, Kim decided to post another Kimberly a love message on LinkedIn, explaining her reasons for coming, hoping the visitor wouldn’t notice.

An hour later, he received an interesting response from Kimberly.

Canadian Kimberly said she had known for a long time, and was fascinated by her US counterpart, who, thanks to Google, had lived a beautiful life working on film in Los Angeles. .

“Wow, his name is the same as mine, in the same way,” Kimberly recalled reflecting on the first time Kim had fallen.

Kimberly did not expect to hear from Kim, but said she was happy to receive the message from the blue that day in 2019.

After returning and following LinkedIn, the two women exchanged emails. In long emails, they talked about their lives as Kimberly Pflieger.

The two Kimberlys were soon recognized not only by the same name, but by the same outlook on life. They are deep thinkers, genuinely thoughtful, friendly and love to relate.

“It’s very easy and very fast,” Kim told CNN Travel. “Kimberly was very good, and this time with fun and low intelligence, so we were quick.”

“There are a lot of different values ​​and different cultures and that kind of thing. So I think that kind of inspired us to talk and build a bigger relationship,” Kimberly said.

Zoom phones have become a regular part of every woman’s social calendar; They hang out on the video phone and talk for an hour about their lives, their politics, their family and their thoughts.

“I knew Kim was a very open person,” Kimberly said. “And I enjoyed discussing aspects of my life, even though I didn’t know him.”

As time went on and the phone calls got longer and the topics deepened, the two women began to plan to meet physically. Kimberly and her partner are taking a trip to Los Angeles when March 2020 arrives, and the illness is planned.

“Canada has closed its borders, so we continue to talk through Zoom and back, to see each other again, to learn about families,” Kimberly explains.

For both women, maintaining this relationship was a comforting two years of lock and uncertainty.

“Having something you’ve really touched on this year of our lives is a rare experience for me,” Kim said.

Bad meeting

Kim, second from the left, with Kimberly, and their friends in California this year.

Kim, second from the left, with Kimberly, and their friends in California this year.

By Kimberly Pflieger and Kim Pflieger

Earlier this year, when the disease was down in North America and the tour reopened, the two Kimberlys were able to meet. Kimberly and her friend Paul flew to California to spend a week visiting with Kim and her husband Troy.

Kim and Kimberly said that meeting each other for the first time physically felt like being reunited with an old friend, and this easy relationship was enhanced by their friendship.

“The four of us said,‘ Oh my God, I think we’ve known each other forever, ’” Kim said.

The group enjoyed local food and stuck on a shared love of fine wine, they went on a long trip in Malibu and enjoyed lazy evenings walking on the water.

“Zoom is good and you can have a good personal conversation, but getting to know each other enhances the relationship,” Kim says.

“And there’s that physical connection,” Kimberly said. “I’m a big hugger, so, of course, when we met, we had to hug, because, to me, that physical relationship was important.”

The fact that the two Kimberlys shared a name was evident when they were together, physically. That’s the reason for the fun.

“That was the moment that really struck me, because we were with friends calling us by our first name, and I could hear my name,” Kim said with a laugh.

The team enjoyed the trip and enjoyed being with California.

The team enjoyed the trip and enjoyed being with California.

By Kimberly Pflieger and Kim Pflieger

Kimberly brought with her to LA a variety of knowledge and research for her family teacher. No link to Kim’s family has been found, but the two women are planning to have their DNA checked. They are worried if there is a link somewhere on the line.

The two women are planning their reunion, with Kim and her husband visiting Kimberly and her partner in Canada this fall, and they think this will be the end of the holidays.

Their dream trip was to Alsace-Moselle, a French country called Alsace-Lorraine where they believed the name Pflieger. They love the idea of ​​digging into the family tree, while enjoying good French wine.

Kim and Kimberly have a lot in common, with a love of good wine.

Kim and Kimberly have a lot in common, with a love of good wine.

By Kimberly Pflieger and Kim Pflieger

The first time Kim met Kimberly, she didn’t expect to have a very good friend. The unexpected result confirms Kim’s belief in the importance of “searching, trusting my intuition and an open heart.”

The two women also said their unexpected relationship brought them joy and comfort in a destabilizing time.

“I thought it was fun and exciting to be able to form a relationship with someone you didn’t know living in a foreign country,” Kimberly said.

“You can form a relationship with someone, despite all the problems going on, and you can cultivate that, and you can form a relationship and grow.

And to me, that’s the most important thing about being human – it’s openness and connectivity, because we all need relationships. “

Kimberly Pflieger and Kim Pflieger are the top photos. Kimberly is on the left and Kim is on the right.

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