How can you work harder to find the ‘Weird’ Holistic Remedies

By Krista Johnsonas told to Kate Sullivan

My husband calls them my “foo-foo remedies.” He says, “You’re always trying that different thing.”

I replied, “But he can’t kill you, so why not try?”

I was 34 years old when I was diagnosed with Crohn’s (I am 49 now), and it was a good year or longer for them to reach that end. I live outside of Orlando, and in 2007, I worked at Discovery Cove, part of SeaWorld, where I swam with fish. But my daughter was 3, and I decided to take a job with the school system to successfully complete her course. That’s when my stomach problems started.

My doctors wrote to her, “Yes, you are a sportsman, you work hard, and you live in an office – your brain doesnʻt know what to do. You will not let go of your burden. “

At the time, I thought it was okay, but 8 months later, I started bleeding, had a colonoscopy and I had the disease. I didn’t know anything about Crohn’s. I’m taking the medications they told me to take, but it’s worse, and I don’t know that this is normal because I’m a rookie now – one big hot lump. Lastly, I throw away the bile. And my husband was like, “I think now is the time to go to the hospital.”

After this knowledge, I have my doctor now, it is phenomenal. He immediately introduced me to Remicade infusions, and for the next 7 years, I also took about 12 medications a day. It kept me busy. But in 2014, I missed them; I didn’t get into anything. I couldn’t swallow them, so I gave up. This is what brought the seeker out of me.

Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine

Fortunately, my insurance will cover 24 times of acupuncture. I thought: It can’t hurt, can it? I started going to acupuncture twice a week. (My therapist also worked at the Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa.) At the same time, I started a dietary supplement with Chinese herbs, which my acupuncturist also mentioned.

The gluten-free diet helped a lot with my intoxication, so I didn’t eat fried foods or anything with lactose. I took vitamin C, some zinc, and vitamin D. Now, I take 10,000 milligrams of vitamin D every day – many Crohn’s patients lack it. Chinese herbs helped with the pain in my mouth because my Crohn’s had too much stomach acid. I tried the cup [an alternative therapy that involves the application of glass or silicone cups to the back] for a while, but I wasn’t a big fan because I knew it was fun.

The next time I was in the hospital was in 2016. I had a stoma, followed by an ileostomy, and they gave me steroids. I put on 65 pounds and was hurt by having Cushing’s medicine, [a disorder that can cause weight gain and weakness].

During my lifetime, I started practicing residential yoga with seniors at the National Training Center in Clermont, FL. I feel like I have a physical body of about 82 years old, so why not take classes with a real 82 year old? These days, I do Peloton yoga, and because I have a tummy after my cuts, prenatal yoga. I tried to think, but my brain was going 6,000 miles an hour. I used different essential oils on my neck when I had a sore stomach.

Baby food for simple stomachs

Most people do not eat while they are in custody. Of course, don’t eat a chicken meal with green beans and gravy, but not eating it is the worst thing you can do. So I went the organic baby food route and now I swear by it! I tell people to laugh at me, but baby food is easy for the stomach and they are food. If I have a flame, I eat it, and at the very least, I know I’m in a healthy serving of fruits and vegetables. I started buying those tiny little bags. I like the different combination – potatoes with bananas and blueberries. They are important in my bag. I put them in the fridge at work and it was a joke that we all knew who was having lunch.

All of my medications don’t replace medication, but I believe they have helped me get back on track and maintain the strength of my immune system, which is the best or petri dish. I’ve been at Entyvio since 2016, and I’m on other medications for my Cushing’s. I am lucky to have good insurance and a doctor who listens and shares information with me. There aren’t a lot of people.

I have a great support system: my family, co -workers, and a new online community. I found girls with Guts through their Facebook support group; for women with IBD and / or ostomy. The members are from all over the world, and they make a return every year. This is my first time to go.

These ladies are amazing. Some of them are in feeding pipes or ports. We share what works, what works for us, rebate plans for medication and more. It’s important to talk about Crohn’s as if it’s not a small secret place.

It took me a year to make my first comment on the Facebook page; today I am the secretary of the company. Participation is encouraged. I have no problem talking about poop!

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