How can dragons help our waste problem?


With so many competing ideas for reducing clutter, clutter is one of the most intuitive. They are synthetic wings that are loaded from a plane to do the re -pulling when its mission is over, slowing down and moving the business before it can.

“Drag sails work by using small and thin pieces of air, standing at high levels, as a machine to press the fly and slow down the plane,” said Rohan Sood. , director of UA’s Astrodynamics and Space Research Laboratory. “We’re putting up a flag that points in the right direction of the plane’s movement, which slows down and moves the ship.”

One of the first devices to show off the idea was NASA’s Nanosail-D2, a nanosatellite-sized water bottle that mounted a 108-square-foot (10 square meters) spacecraft in 2011. It will take about 50 years to fall from Earth. Its 400-mile-high (650 kilometers) orbit, the satellite re-entered the sky and burned for less than a year.

Due to the movement of the sails, and the use of air protection, the sails are presented in a unique way to prevent future debris. Competing with deorbiting technologies such as electric propulsion – used by SpaceX in their Starlink constellation – requires a source of power on the spacecraft, which could lead to complaints.

“If the plane is running well all the way to the mission, that’s fine, but if that plane dies or loses performance, that steering system doesn’t need to be deorbiting,” said David Spencer, a Mission Director with NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory and director of Purdue’s Space Flight Projects Laboratory. “That’s where the tugs provide a safe passage, in our opinion.” (For its part, SpaceX says it will not fly Starlink satellites more than 370 miles. [600 km]Which would reduce the time it takes for unemployment to disappear to five to six years.)

The concept is intuitive, but the main goal is to design an organized system, Spencer said. “We’ve got these long piles that are locked up in a very secure place, we’ve got a lot of fans that need to be locked up in these little archives for years, and when that order comes out announcement, everything must be done correctly ….

Well -designed propellers can have problems when orbits are lost and planes travel to lower parts of the sky. When this is done, the sails must be upright as the work moves to maintain the effect. “If the fan starts to fall and doesn’t stand upright, the pulling effect will be reduced, and if it does, it can’t be lost,” Sood said. “So it’s hard to control the shape of the fly.”

Spacecraft often uses a variety of methods of character control, which require a source of power – such as thrusters or response wheels. But a tug -of -war cannot be expected for a dead satellite.

Spencer’s team turned to badminton for fitness. Their Spinnaker-1 model is a kind of pyramid when mounted. “That pyramid works like a shuttlecock,” says Spencer, who turns the car in a direction to provide high traction.

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