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Hello readers! Scott submitted his first professional story five years ago. A lot had happened since then, so he came back with a new look. Join me in praising Scott and liking him well!

Now I have a question for you: I think publishing these real life stories is a real responsibility, and I need you to continue this trend. If you would like to share with me and the Mark’s Daily Apple team please call me here. Your journey can inspire others to do those same things first!

The man in the red shirt stands on the path walking through the desert with outstretched armsFive years ago, I wrote an interesting article about living a primal lifestyle to improve my health. After visiting Primal, I found out I had stage four diabetes. As I was writing this story, my cancer was forgiven, I had no evidence of the disease. But cancer is a simple enemy, and it doesn’t deliver as easily as I thought.

The cancer came back into my liver twice, and it spread to my lungs, many lymph nodes, and my lungs. . My first prediction was that I had a 7% chance of survival for five years. Each time my disease spread, it lowered my quality of life. However, that did not stop me from living, and I continued to live a primal life.

While battling cancer, my physical activity and activity level dropped to the point where I didn’t get it. Even after losing over 100 pounds, I couldn’t put on my own socks and shoes because I wanted a full replacement. I couldn’t change my waist, and my pain level was at home.

As a result, the time between illnesses was prolonged and I was able to get a neck amputation. It is difficult to describe the joy of moving without pain after ten years of pain. I started walking.

At first, I couldn’t complete a half -mile tour. Ten years of muscle atrophy and cuts that destroyed my stomach and my legs. But my first meal gave me the strength and desire to move forward. And I am strong.

In 2019, I promised a dying friend to complete the Camino de Santiago in Spain in his honor. If you’re not familiar with the Camino, take a trip to Spain. My route is 566 miles. I knew what the problems meant, but I had no idea what to take care of.

First of all, I had problems with my bones when I wasn’t old enough. As I was trying to improve my training, I got some serious fractures in my leg. Each event completes the training for six weeks. I injured myself while studying for the countryside and developed a serious case of plantar fasciitis. That’s another 8 weeks from my training course.

The man in the surgical mask with chemotherapy equipment gives a finger to the cameraI learned full time how to take chemotherapy and get medications. But the Primal lifestyle can show constant progress. I switched between primal and keto diets without a lot of cheating days. I also waited to eat until 4:30 pm and closed my dining window at 6:30 pm.

I had to lose a lot of weight, and in the long run, ounces were like pounds. I traveled a long way with speed every day. I added my voluntary fast by taking “no food on Friday.” I like to test my limits for metabolic flexibility and give my autophagy a huge window to work on. While I don’t consider my design to be ideal, it has worked very well for me.

I stop eating at 6:30 Wednesday evening and don’t eat calories until Friday at 4:30. Other than having trouble sleeping on Friday night, I had no side effects. I wasn’t tired or weak, and I didn’t reduce my walking schedule. In fact, I set a goal of 13.1 miles for Friday and Saturday. That way, I’ll finish a full 26.2-mile marathon on a fast pace.

In fifteen months, I had covered about 2200 miles. Excited and anxious, in March 2021, I planned to make travel plans for my trip to Spain. Wait, did I mention global warming? Covid hit the ground, and even with chemo, I had a lot of trouble. While I was being treated, I got sick. I had a chronic covid and was very sick for three horrible weeks. I had severe pneumonia. And while I have no evidence to support this, I believe my education and diet have saved my life.

Despite the shortcomings, I did not give up. I was stronger and more active than I had been since high school. I told my friends I thought I was a new kid. The first life changed my body, but it changed my mind. I felt the power, and my miles were going up. I knew I wanted to average 16 miles a day for 35 days on the Camino.

I completed a 17-mile test trip with a full load, 20 lbs. Sack the sacks, and I know I am ready. Unfortunately, Spain did not join. After much effort and overcoming many difficulties, most of the colonies in Spain were closed to non -travel. I canceled my travel plan for June 2021. My Camino was finished before it started.

But as the promise I made to myself years ago when I embarked on my first journey, I am determined to keep this, at least in spirit. I found a website that offers surveillance and other services for completing a virtual Camino. I signed up, packed my backpack, and started walking. I walked around my city and on the sidewalks and parks.

I took everything as if it were in Spain and on my own. I had more than any other model, but the people I met were very supportive. After a year of locking up, it was amazing to meet again with visitors.

I’m happy to share that after 38 days I finished my virtual Camino trip on July 4, 2021. Not only did I keep a promise to a dear friend, but I also fulfilled what I hoped for. and probably not even ten years ago.

The laughing man holds a signal reading "I completed the 566 -mile journey in 38 days with stage 4 diabetes."

I am less depressed now than I was thirty -seven years ago. I lost 175 lbs. since my beginning in primal life. I finished the 566 mile trip, taking in about 20 lbs. pack, a 61-year-old with stage-4 cancer and two hip fractures. With practice, I took more than six million steps. Anyone who wants to see how Primal Lifestyle works for you, should take a closer look at me. This works for every year.

On a personal note, I would like to thank Mark Sisson for his amazing gift. Instead of accomplishing a big life goal like finishing the Camino, I might have died if I hadn’t seen Mark’s Daily Apple. And it’s not hyperbole or exaggeration. I started at the bottom of a big mountain with no hope until Mark came into my life. Today, I don’t show any more evidence of cancer and I’m happy. Primal living now is a habit that does not require effort to follow. On behalf of the hundreds of others you have helped, I want to say a big thank you!

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