HHS and WHO call for further global assistance COVID-19

April 8, 2022 – This is not the time for the United States to cut COVID -19 funding, said Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra, JD, because we are so close to “collecting” COVID -19 this year.

A Senate deal was announced on April 4 that gave $ 10 billion to a coronavirus aid group that continues to fund funding for detection, maintenance, and testing in the United States. But the group has not included a new $ 5 billion to fund all COVID-19 patients.

“The United States has long supported the global response to COVID-19,” said Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Executive Director of the World Health Organization, PhD, at the HHS / WHO on April 7 to celebrate World Health Day. .

“We continue to look to the U.S. for its support to end disease in the world, and address the other health problems we face,” he said.

More money is needed

Becerra saw the move of the Legislature as brief. “Our struggle is not over. While we are grateful for the Senate’s recent work on a $ 10 billion bipartisan plan that will greatly help implement some of the country’s COVID needs, it is even more important. money for our local response and our global response. “

Without global funding, Becerra said, the U.S. Agency for International Development would not have the resources “to get more shots into the hands of the rest of the world.” Money to give a quick test to lands that are in need every now and then. “

Helping all countries reach the WHO goal of capturing at least 70% of their population “for the benefit of the United States itself,” Tedros said.

On a recent trip to Washington, DC, for Word Health Day, he said: “I’m very aware that the disease has taken over a lot here in the US.”

Tedros was also aware of the sacrifices and challenges taken by primary care workers. “And I give my deepest gratitude and appreciation to every health worker who has put themselves in the wrong direction to serve others during a time of illness.”

You can choose

Becerra and Tedros continue to think that Congress will work to fund the COVID-19 projects.

“I find it difficult sometimes to impose strict rules, but we can choose. We can – as I heard from another member of Congress yesterday – break COVID and end it. what we’re about to do. Becerra said. “Or we can’t let it go.”

“And I think everyone understands what it’s like to have COVID coming back or something new.”

In response to the historian’s question, Tedros acknowledged that the disease rate remained low in many places. For example, 83% of people in Africa are not registered, he said.

“We’re at the 1-yard line, ready to get a hit,” Becerra said.

Asked how he would respond if Congress did not return the money, Becerra said, “The fall is not an option… When they are in big trouble.”

“We can’t go back to that.”

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