Heartbreak Hotel opens in the UK

(CNN) – Everyone has their own way of dealing with heartache. Some turn to their friends for support, some turn to streaming TV services and some turn to ice cream.

But what if you could find yourself in a drunken, non -technical relaxation for a long weekend of “transformational therapy” and beauty shows, with the aim of healing your aching heart?

The Heartbreak Hotel, run by consultant psychologist Alice Haddon and author and life coach Ruth Field, offers that.

Launched at the end of 2021, the hostels, designed for women, will be housed at Barsham Barns, a private home located on the UK’s coastal county of Norfolk.

The Heartbreak Hotel was dreamed up by Haddon, who retired from training after the death of his mother, and found himself rethinking how to implement traditional medicine.

‘Heart connects us’

The Heartbreak Hotel is run by psychologist Alice Haddon (left) and author and life coach Ruth Field.

The Heartbreak Hotel is run by psychologist Alice Haddon (left) and author and life coach Ruth Field.

Katie Wilson

Haddon said he was listening to a radio program about love infidelity and realized there were few services available for women struggling to win different types of hearts.

She began to explore the possibility of having a new “radical” perspective on transformational therapy that could deliver exactly what she thought to women about all the types of pain they need in a society. a company.

“We believe that the heart touches us in the nature of human beings, and that our weakness is the birthplace of loving change and fearless development,” Haddon said in a statement.

Haddon went to join all the women’s groups and Field, one of his old friends, soon came on board.

“We think of giving back as an important piece of care for the heart: hot water bottles, buckets, hot drinks, quick fires, no one to lift a finger, things are taken care of so that they can give themselves the medicine., ”Field told CNN Travel.

The returnees, which run from Friday to Monday, can be attended by as many as eight women at a time.

“This place was created, a very safe place, where these women would be taken on this trip,” Field said. “It’s a rejuvenation and you see yourself from a heartache to a new path.

“So they were released, not only from their hearts, but from all sorts of homes around women who were missing so many times, such as serving other people and other responsibilities. next to us. [women] need to work with.

“Trauma can be physically present and we have an EMDR specialist to come and work on releasing that trauma for our guests.” EMDR, or eye desensitization and rehabilitation, is a technique that opens and prevents painful memories.

Beach visit

The three -day holiday, designed for women, is held in Norfolk UK.

The three -day holiday, designed for women, is held in Norfolk UK.

Chaucer Barns

In addition to the vigorous group workouts, visitors to the Heartbreak Hotel will benefit from a list of herbal, heart -healthy (and delicious) foods “designed to stimulate and nourish your aching heart. “and fire. meet and take a walk along one of Norfolk’s most beautiful beaches.

“The place is important,” Field said. “Living at the beach and going to the beach every day is very important.

“That idea of ​​the openness of the sea, and the smell of the sea, are all very good for healing. It’s really helpful in relieving stress – cortisol levels are going down. .

“And the fact is, heart disease is one of the most stressful times in the body, so we’re spending a lot of time working with it in an organic way.”

The Heartbreak Hotel’s two finals, titled “Moving Beyond Betrayal,” and ‘Healing Your Heartbreak’ ”were founded on heartbreak and received overwhelming responses from guests.

The group works by bringing together women who have similar experiences.

“That’s how the team works better,” Field explains. “They can get to know each other in a way that allows you to really get to know each other who have the same knowledge. [to you] and he kept it very precise. “

Those wishing to visit one of the Heartbreak Hotel’s guest rooms must fill out a detailed questionnaire, available online, stating why they wish to attend.

Leaving this aside, a “long call” is arranged between the potential visitor and Haddon or Field to evaluate their suitability.

“We spend a lot of time trying to accommodate the right visitors in each return,” Field said. “We don’t turn anyone, but we often turn women elsewhere, to other medical services for example, if they’re not fit to go back.”

No technology and no alcohol

Eight women can go to technology and alcohol free at a time.

Eight women can go to technology and alcohol free at a time.

Chaucer Barns

According to Field, the lack of cell phones and alcohol is important when ensuring that guests are truly open during intense training sessions.

“They have to live with their ideas, and anything that takes them away from that is not considered important in the nature of their journey,” he said. The definition is that each visitor will receive approximately eight hours of medication per day given in. the company.

“There are some trips every day to the beach,” he said. “There’s not a lot of free time between any of this.

The return each costs £ 2,500 (about $ 3,275).

Haddon and Field are looking at backstory in areas such as sisterhood, menopause, and dealing with the loss of a loved one.

But whatever the point of view, the company is the same end for every heartfelt visitor who walks through their doors.

“Our mission at The Heartbreak Hotel is for all our guests to leave with energy and freedom to act according to their charitable values ​​and interests,” Haddon said.

In 2021, Swedish mattress manufacturer Hastens opened the Hastens Sleep Spa Hotel, dedicated to providing guests with a good night’s sleep, in Coimbra, Portugal.

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