Granite Cleaner for Really Clean Countertops

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I use my homemade cleanser on almost everything around the house, but it’s not suitable for every skin. Our house has granite kitchen countertops, and since granite can change a bit depending on what you use for cleaning, I decided to try a homemade granite cleaner.

After a few tries, I got the right attitude. This natural granite cleaner cleans my countertops thoroughly and without damaging them, and thankfully, it’s quick and easy to make! It’s easy to key when it comes to homemade cleaning products, and this is no different.

Why not do some old -fashioned cleaner

There are many natural home cleaners out there, but granite is an option when it comes to cleaning. Vinegar or lemon juice is acidic and can stick to the skin. Salt can be very abrasive and can be harvested. Some retail cleaners can remove the protective sealant from fine granite.

Old soap and water can’t do it. Container soap can leave a film when used too much, and clean water is not good because it does not disinfect and often leaves stains.

So… what does mom do if she wants clean stone tables?

It’s so much easier than it sounds!

A DIY Granite Cleaner in the works!

So what does it take to clean granite counters? While many of my common custom cleaners are off the list for this DIY food, one simple thing (with water) is to clean granite until it’s fine.

All you need is a little alcohol added to the water to clean the granite. The alcohol is a disinfectant and removes quickly, so the detergent doesn’t leave marks. (I often use vodka but it also smells good.)

Real granite cleaners bought in the store are more expensive than my homemade ones and have a basic design like this. A popular natural granite cleaning option that contains water, alcohol, a surfactant (such as soap), preservatives, and natural fragrances and fragrances.

This homemade granite cleaner does the same, reducing unwanted impurities. Plus, it helps you save money!

Mea Hoomaemae Granite

This homemade cleanser is simple, like I said before, and it really works. You will need alcohol (vodka or sour cream), castile soap, water, and essential oils. That’s it!

While you only need alcohol and water, I like to add a little castile soap to help cut down on fat and dirt. Add a few drops of essential oils to a delicious scent (and some cleansing power), and you’re ready! I keep my DIY granite cleaner in a black glass jar, I prefer to use citrus oils.

Essential Oils for Granite Cleaning

In fact, I get paid a little more for my efforts if my kitchen is not only clean but fragrant. And let’s face it, in a real kitchen with a lot of kids cooking and from-scratch food preparation going on, I need a new cleaning power sometimes.

Thankfully, there are two excellent oils for cleaning the kitchen and safe for using granite.


Basil is a favorite herb to use in the kitchen and is both antibacterial and antiviral. The study found that it was effective against E-coli, as well as various bacterial and other infections. The aroma of basil essential oil also helps to lift and strengthen.


Citrus oils are famous in homemade cleansers for their soothing aroma. The essential oil is well combined with basil, and is used in this granite cleaner for its antimicrobial properties.

This study looked at common hospital -acquired illnesses and antibiotic resistance. Grapefruit has shown great potency against antibiotic-resistant drugs that have been tested, including MRSA and candida-resistant strains.

Look: I said that vinegar and lemon juice are too bitter to use on granite, so I had to check if a citrus oil was safe to use as a granite cleaner. Yes, citrus oil can be a solvent when it comes to plastic, which is why it needs to be stored in glass bottles. In this dish, however, grapefruit oil was dissolved at about .25%. In addition, unlike citrus juice, citrus oil does not have an acidic pH. From what I know, there is no need to worry about using citrus oils melted in granite.

Other Essential Oils for Cleaning

I always enjoy changing oils when I make homemade cleansers. When you are ready for a change, please make changes. Lavender and lemon are soothing and smell good. Another good option is the antimicrobial power of cinnamon, clove, and orange in a “stealth” combination. I love tea tree oil because it is a natural antibacterial and can help as a disinfectant.

Many oils and compounds are good for cleansing. It just depends on the will.

DIY Granite Cleaner


DIY Natural Granite Cleaner

Author: Katie Wells


  • Combine all the ingredients in a trash can, and shake well to combine. Shake well before each use.

  • To use the granite cleaner, shake and sprinkle lightly on the stone surface. Gently wipe the granite with a cloth, adding the heel oil where needed.

  • Enjoy beautiful and shiny countertops!

Protecting Granite from Damage

Using a granite-safe cleaning agent is only the first step in keeping your stone skin as beautiful as new. Here are some tips for caring:

  • Quickly clean the leaks to prevent plaque.
  • Use pots or pans when placing hot or cold items on granite countertops.
  • Decorate the cover on granite countertops if necessary. We don’t have to use a sealer on ours, but thankfully there are some green options out there.

What do you use for granite cleaners? What natural options are best for you?

Natural granite cleaner

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