Gran Turismo 7 players will receive one million free credits after the upgrade

Gran Turismo 7 The developer of Polyphony Digital is apologizing for recent changes to the gaming industry and promises improvements, including a million free credits. These changes came after the game ended last week, which was the result of a new change that made it possible for players to earn credits by actually playing. in the game rather than microtransactions.

In a post on the PlayStation Blog, Polyphony president Kazunori Yamauchi apologized for the “anger and confusion that erupted last week with our recent patch update, not just the end of the server but also managed the gaming industry which was done indiscriminately. explain to our community. “As a” good idea, “the company promised to give players” a free credit of 1 million “.

The post said users should see loans in their “short -term” accounts and that they will only be given to the owners of the game before the post is published. While I don’t have mine yet, the deadline for signing up and they have a way out – Polyphony says it’s a good offer until April 25th.

The post explained that the economic transformation in the game “provides reasonable rewards in terms of time investment and execution,” something Yamauchi has touched on earlier during the season. to talk about finishing. At the time, he said he could not explain in detail the changes that were coming, but Friday’s post would explain.

The post features a patch coming out in early April, which is intended to “re -establish the payment system with more remaining game play that all gamers will need.” After the upgrade, players should know:

  • Awards for “events in the last half of the world” have almost doubled.
  • “High prices” for the acquisition of all gold and all copper in the circular knowledge
  • Prizes for online races are on the rise
  • Eight additional one -hour endurance race events to the missions, will be available in “high -paying settings
  • A high cap is about the number of unsecured loans available to users, ranging from 100 million out of 20 million.
  • More and more cars are being used and sold over time

The upcoming post will indicate “near” – although it will not specify a date for these changes or further details. Those changes:

  • Increases the value of unlimited time wages
  • More on world tour events
  • Endurance races are added to the missionaries, as well as 24-hour races
  • Online time trials are included, with prizes being awarded “according to the difference of the player with the highest time”
  • Players can sell their cars (think of your numbered days, 1965 Mini Cooper)

From the point of view of Turismo Nui and PS5 subreddits, users are happy with the changes, the more likely you are to sell your cars (although there are some questions about whether you can sell gift cars or not. you will get GameStop prices for them). A major bugbear that hasn’t been fixed, though, is the game’s reliance on network connectivity to work. Last week’s server maintenance put the game in offline mode for one day, which is limited in how you can play.

Given about the post on Friday GT7 as a “life service,” it seems like we don’t have to hold our breath for changes to improve outdoor play. However, the new things we found we were going to find interesting, in the way of making the game more fun and adding new information (if difficult). .

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