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Earlier this week, Cebu Pacific celebrated a milestone: It recorded its 200 million passengers, earning a full year of unlimited land flights. And I think about a lot of things.

My first thought was, “Wow! He’s a lucky man! I’m happy for him, really, but I’m also full of jealousy! Here I am, planning my trips for the rest of the year so I can use those free planes.

Cebu Pacific 200 Million Buses
Photo by Cebu Pacific

But it struck me. has been plan my travels for the remainder of the year. 2022. Development trips. This is the first time I have spoken in two years. It was the first time since the disease had first fed his ugly head. It was thought that it was not true, but others thought it too. A sign that better days are to come!

But that’s not the only sign that things are turning out well. Cebu Pacific, which makes 96% of its pre-pandemic home capacity, is set to return 100% that month after expanding its network, after it is shut down. to travel limits. The airline also recorded a 200% increase in its domestic and international flights, by 2020.

“It’s encouraging to see and feel the return of travel confidence,” said CEB President & CEO Lance Gokongwei at the Cebu Pacific event in Cebu on March 29th. “We are happy to fly each Juan safely to their places so they can reconnect with their families and loved ones, or pursue their professional careers, or visit. new sights. “

Earlier that week, the tour guide sold 100% of his CEB Super Passes, their tickets open to those who have not decided on a tour day or a tour. These loans expired in just five days. I was one of the lucky spirits who was able to grab dozens (yep, 30+ vouchers) from that sale – hence the travel plan I mentioned earlier. (Yes!)

CEB Super Pass Voucher

But the signs aren’t just up in the sky. Down in the world, there are signs everywhere, too! Just look at the car companies that make Manila-Baguio buses like Victory Liner. Their new program is also close to their sick time schedule, increasing frequencies behind Metro Manila and other areas placed under Alert Level 1.

Genesis Transport’s Manila-Clark P2P fleet is expanding with each new feature, which is good news for those who want to fly from Clark Airport.

Hopefully, everything will return to normal. Better yet, I hope it’s more common than ours. It seems like we are entering a new era.

Our group, who have been severely affected by the disease, are ready to return to the places we previously visited in order to increase awareness on this blog. We hope many tourists will be happy to go out and watch in the coming months, especially this summer, to quell the two -year travel drought. And as always but even more so nowadays, we want to provide them with important and useful information. Stay tuned for more tour guides on this site in the coming weeks.

All that is to come, always remember to plan wisely, travel safely, and make each trip worthwhile!

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