GHGSat releases its 2021 methane emissions report

GHGSat reports that 143 MTCOs were detected2e (metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent) to methane by 2021.

GHGSat said the emission was identified as “31.2 million cars traveling on the road for one year.”

The report goes on to say 2.3 MTCO2Emissions will be reduced to 2021, as emissions continue to rise.

Global methane emissions are on the rise. Eaten: GHGSat.

Here is some other information:

  • Fuel fuels and islands released – Most of the emissions we see come from carbon-intensive industries while the largest emissions come from waste management.
  • 2021 Oil and Gas Trends, Central Asia, top emitter – By 2021, 2.6Mt of methane emissions will be measured at high emissions coming from oil and gas plants. In addition, five high -level emissions from oil and gas systems emit CO2e such as burning 42.4 million barrels of oil.
  • The largest releases in North America are from the Permian (Basin).
Map of the Permian Basin.  Available: Encyclopedia Britannica.
Map of the Permian Basin. Available: Encyclopedia Britannica.
  • 2021 Types of coal mining – GHGSat measures 1.7Mt of CH4 emissions from coal mines by 2021, with the world’s top coal producing countries such as China, Australia, Russia, and India.
  • 2021 Types of land tenure – With the country accounting for 20% of our recorded business emissions last year, GHGSat has worked with developers and officials to increase awareness of responsibility. much of the emission of waste to the global methane reserve.

Download the 2021 methane emissions report


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