Finish off the photo gallery to add the face, body look to the BizBaz app

The medical imaging team of Australian Advanced Human Imaging has completed a technology integration agree with me BizBaz, a Health and financial education in Singapore.

The master service agreement will give BizBaz the right to use AHI’s software development kits for CompleteScan Face and Body for iOS and Android apps.

According to the company, the initial term of the agreement is for one year from its inception and will be extended for further periods. He did not disclose how much it cost.

The companies first signed a permanent bond in June last year.

Why it is

BizBaz provides fintech, health and insurance services, and e-commerce services in Asia with financial and health information solutions, including customer and SME profiling and with prescoring solutions, looking for unbanked and underserved people and companies in the country.

It helps its partners increase customer loyalty and engagement, as well as attracting new customers, through gamification. “Connecting through gamification is a great way to bring health and well -being to the BizBaz communities,” said Vlado Bosanac, AHI CEO and CEO.

“BizBaz has seen the potential to connect customers with the CompleteScan platform and its ability to provide a diverse and valuable set of data to its health and insurance partners and customers. more than friends, ”he said.

Speaking of their collaboration with AHI, BizBaz CEO Hayk Hakobyan said: “Like us, they are building their technology on the latest research and knowledge related to health and wellness and they only provide from CompleteScan, which is what we want. include in our personal information for financial services, preferably insurance services “.


AHI supports health care institutions that provide health gamification and other programs that promote healthy habits. This year, Bearn launched its mobile app that integrates with AHI’s BodyScan. Its health app on Android and iOS apps provides users with funds to complete health and fitness activities. Bearn will soon integrate AHI’s FaceScan technology into its software.

AHI’s CompleteScan, a tool that monitors a user’s appearance, body and skin for measurement, health symptoms, and problems, was launched in South Africa last year. through Discovery Vitality, a transformational platform that empowers users to create healthy health. lived.

This year, AHI also signed agreements to integrate technology with other health technology companies. At the end of March, the company concluded a master services agreement to integrate its FaceScan and BodyScan technology into the framework of the Peruvian healthcare company Nextmedical.

He has also signed agreements with Vertica Health in South Africa and Activate Health in Estonia to integrate its scanning technology into their healthcare facilities.

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