FIFA World Cup – Carvalho cannot play for England

Brexit was deceptive: Carvalho could not play for the English national team because he did not have a British license. The Championship star, who will be promoted to the Premier League and Liverpool want to sign him, but the English top club will have to wait to tempt him with a call -up.

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Fabio Carvalho is one of the amazing boys of English football, with an amazing waist that surrounds opponents, he is one of the leaders of the Championship -Fulham- and has captured the attention of the best national teams in the country. before one.

The England U21s wanted to call up the Fulham winger, who were closest to signing Liverpool in January, but the call -up for Portugal’s U21s has been canceled.

England manager Gareth Southgate lamented the situation with the England second star and explained why he could not be called up:

“We wanted to call him for Under-21s, but he doesn’t have a British passport. He was suitable for our youth group without a passport, but at the moment he can’t be selected and is with Portugal. “

Carvalho was born in Torres Vedras, Portugal, but moved with his parents to Britain as a child.

In the islands he began to show his talent with ball, which led him to play at the youth level of the English national team, where he was expected to finish the game for the rest of the season. his life.

Bureaucracy has re -emerged in the way of the 19 -year -old, who in the winter window last winter moved to Liverpool and due to problems with making his papers is not to close the agreement.

That’s why he’s playing at Craven Cottage, where he’s on the side of promoting the Premier League with Fulham: they have 11 points at the top of the table with nine games to go.

Jürgen Klopp has not forgotten about Carvalho and five weeks ago it was announced at a conference that they are still considering signing him, although they will have to wait until the European summer:

“We are excited. We would be crazy if we weren’t, but right now it’s not in our hands.

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