Fauci said it’s up to everyone to evaluate their Covid problem

Bloomberg – Americans need to do their health assessments as quickly as Covid -19 cases in the U.S., said President Joe Biden, citing a low -risk and low -risk illness. mass fatigue with constraints.

“This isn’t going to end and it’s not going to end,” Anthony Fauci said on ABC’s “This Week” on Sunday. “And the next thing we’ll see is what everyone does when they calculate how much risk they want to take on.”

Fauci’s remarks are in contrast to other warnings he has issued in the pre -crisis period since 2020. Changing the voice of President Joe Biden’s administration is political and political. health: Americans are tired of the stuff – almost everything is loaded – even cannabis, security. and medications are helping to reduce illnesses.

After several ministers and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi tried to be good for Covid, Fauci said White House protocols were enough to prevent the president. Biden spent an hour with Pelosi two days before trying out well last week, with a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

“The protocols are very strong to prevent the president,” Fauci said, adding that Biden had received four Covid-19 shots and that people should try to join him.

Covid can fly in the US right now or we may not know

Led by the subvariant BA.2 omicron, U.S. disease cases reported about 100,000 on Friday, the most for the month. Health experts say many of the cases have occurred, in part as a result of home testing.

Patients are still at least part of the peak of the omicron wave in January, when daily cases rose to about 1.3 million. Deaths and hospitalizations continue to rise.

The U.S. denial of most of the detainees, such as China, has few cases on a daily basis but has affected the entire city of Shanghai and its 25 million people, according to the report. Covid-zero policy of race. Cases are on the rise in Europe, according to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University and Bloomberg.

Some people may want to take care of everything, Fauci said.

“How old am I?” his place. “Maybe my people at home are weak. If I bring the sick home, maybe there’s a problem?”

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