Exercise is a powerful treatment for depression

People should try to move a little more each day, Heisz said. Maybe a five minute to 10 minute walk. There are two minutes of rest breaks every 30 minutes for those who sit all day.

“It’s the simplicity that we need to have, especially for those who aren’t moving a bit, and the realization that there’s this new barrier of empowerment for those who are struggling,” he said.

“I think the collection of evidence is clear that we need to start talking about the benefits of training for these people, either on its own or as an additive to medicine,” Heisz said.

Dr. Antonia Baum is an assistant professor of psychiatry and occupational science at George Washington University in Washington, DC

In the management of depression, there is a responsibility for training, for psychotherapy, for taking antidepressants and for taking medications that are specifically prescribed therapeutically, Baum said, which has no responsibility. in this research.

The reasons why physical activity is beneficial to mental health are many, he said.

It can improve the circulation of the brain and have an effect on inflammation and the body’s immune response. There is a link between heart health and stress. There may be unseen benefits, such as the feeling of being motivated by energy or a sense of well -being, says Baum.

The authors of this new study gather a lot of data to support the link between physical activity and weight, even though there can be many different traits, including genetics, Baum said.

In his work, Baum learned how physical activity can lead to burnout in athletes or cause food allergies, so he was excited to learn how to exercise. time when the benefits of physical activity land.

“They compared that unrelated relationship to a crossover point, which is hard to quantify,” Baum said.

While many providers tell their patients that they will benefit from training, it’s important to reinforce that message, Baum said. As she rehearsed what she was going to say, she sometimes modeled physical activity on groups with patients by walking and running with them.

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