Ex-Google CEO donated money to the White House science department

Google CEO Eric Schmidt poured money into the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy last year, according to the report. Politico. The close relationship of the site with the office raised concerns about local watch dogs.

Schmidt has held multiple positions at Google and Alphabet’s parent company, including CEO, executive director, and technology consultant. He left that last job in 2020. He now sits on the boards and invests in technology, with a number on artificial intelligence. The Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) leads science funding and helps drive AI policy – one of the teachers Rachel Wallace, then the department’s chief advisor, raised concerns about his financial situation, according to emails received. Politico.

Schmidt’s foundation, Schmidt Futures, compensation for OSTP employees, Politico shown. Schmidt Futures also employed a free consultant in the office. Some employees have been awarded Schmidt Futures fellowships, which provide funding to attend conferences. Some have left because of legitimate concerns. Several executives also worked in the office at Harvard’s Broad Institute and MIT, where Schmidt chaired.

He also worked with Eric Lander, director of the Office of Science and Technology Policy. Lander left in February after reports and “confidential evidence” he threatened employees, including Wallace.

He has an OSTP mouthpiece Politico The name was not given the OSTP works with a number of outside organizations and the law firm monitors potential disputes.

Wallace, who heads OSTP’s law firm as a general practitioner, said Politico That’s how Lander reacted to his concern about Schmidt’s involvement. “I and other members of the law firm have seen a lot of employees with financial interests at Schmidt Futures and I am very concerned about the power this firm has over these people,” he said. said Wallace. Politico.

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