Ex-Abbott exec joined Nutromics in his former CMO

Nutromics med tech startup of the United States has named Dr Agim Beshiri as its first medical director.

Dr Beshiri has more than two years of experience in the diagnostic field, specializing in medicine and local medicine. He is the chief medical officer at Abbott Laboratories, the maker of Freestyle Libre and Lingo biosensors.

He will lead Nutromics medical research, clinical practice, drug development, and hospital collaboration, according to a media release.

Nutromics is looking for a CMO who can compete with them and ensure the company maintains its assets while looking for “special” technology.

“Dr Beshiri is a global investor and a great start to our U.S. investment. Joining Nutromics is a testament to the potential of our technology, especially in its ability to replace large gaps in the Nutromics industry. medical care is not necessary, ”said Nutromics co – founder and CEO Hitesh Mehta.

Why it is

Dr Beshiri’s choice came when Nutromics was assigned to do medical research in the person of his “lab-on-the-skin” department. The patch is a continuous molecular monitoring (CMM) device that can track multiple targets in the human body and provides real-time molecular-level information for remote disease monitoring and hospital systems- at home. Last year, the company received $ 10 million in investments to pay for its trials.

As a senior medical officer, Dr Beshiri is experienced in the development and implementation of diagnostic research for biomarkers. “I’m excited to play my part in transforming Nutromics’ new technology into a technology that can be implemented in the hands of a physician, ”he said.


Nutromics is looking to enter the therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM) market with its first CMM to monitor vancomycin, an antibiotic drug. The global TDM market is expected to grow to $ 2 billion in value by 2025 from $ 1.4 billion by 2020, growing at a 6.9% CAGR.

The company hopes to secure U.S. Food and Drug Administration approval for its CMM product for vancomycin by 2025.

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