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Coronavirus disease continues to spread worldwide. At that point, it is our responsibility to protect ourselves and take care of our health. To make sure we can stay safe, there are some things that can help prevent us from catching the coronavirus and can make it easier to care for if we don’t get sick.

1. face shield:

The easiest way to prevent the virus is to wear a mask. The main purpose of the mask is to stop the things that are released when we talk, breathe, sneeze, or sneeze, from reaching other people. Therefore, masks not only stop your germs from circulating in the environment but also prevent others from entering the respiratory system of the mask user.

Nowadays due to the mutating strains of the disease, many medical professionals claim to use dual masks to further reduce the time it takes for a disease to go away. Masking has proven to be one of the best ways. You need to practice proper training to use your mask every time you are out. Of course, in many places, walking can be completed without a mask.

2. Hand sanitizer:

Available and easy to purchase, Hand Sanitizer is the right thing to do to clean your hands. The cause of coronavirus infection is that it enters our body through the mouth or nose. Even if the mask can stop the adhesion properly, if the disease is running on the skin of our hands, it is very difficult to touch the face or eat food. All you need to do in this position is clean your hands.

Cleansers are made with pure alcohol to kill the disease unnecessarily, in a ‘kill’ way. This way, as long as it is in your body, by not getting sick, you will be safe. It is highly recommended not to touch your face, such as your mouth or nose for the same reasons. Sanitizers can be found today in most stores. However, you need to be a little more careful when using the cleanser, because while it may be pleasant, it can become bitter if we eat it or get in your eyes. Always clean up after you go outside before you touch yourself or eat food.

3. Above patients:

As with hand sanitizers, disinfectants are needed in the same way. Because the coronavirus can remain active in many areas for hours on end, it is important to clean and sanitize these services. We can’t help but touch certain things. For example, if you have a car that drives you to work every day, you need to clean the skin of the car you touch. Cleaning up common areas can help the journey from going through physical contact.

4. Pulse Oximeters:

A pulse oximeter is a standard device that can be used to test a person’s oxygen saturation level. Because COVID-19 is a respiratory disease, the first thing that affects the functioning of our lungs. Problems with the lungs can lead to a decrease in the amount of oxygen saturation of the blood, as the lungs struggle to filter the oxygen that can be used. Using a pulse oximeter is as simple as attaching an instrument to any of the corners such as the toes, fingers, or earlobe. The machine will immediately give you an Oxygen saturation reading. It is important to monitor the oxygen level to determine if a person’s condition is deteriorating. Oxygen saturation below 95% begins to indicate a respiratory problem.

5. Oxygen Concentrators:

For those who are having trouble breathing due to Covid-19, you can be instructed to purchase the Oxygen Concentrator online. so you can take care of yourself at home without going to the hospital. Oxygen concentrators convert air into high oxygen gas that can be given to patients. At home, you can provide oxygen concentrator maintenance to an owner whose oxygen saturation is between 85% -95%. If they fall below that limit, they need medical attention. With hospitals registered to work with many patients they have an Oxygen Concentrator on hand to treat mild or moderate illnesses.

6. Digital temperature:

Fever is one of the most common symptoms of COVID-19. By keeping a separate digital thermometer for each person, you will be able to monitor the temperature without becoming irritated. It is important to keep an eye on the severity of the fever because if it gets high, you will know when to seek medical help. Digital thermometers are available in stores and online. Always remember to clean the thermometer after each use.

Basic tips:

In addition to using these products, there are some basic tips you can follow to take care of yourself. First of all, try to get out when it’s not necessary. Second, if you do, always wear a mask and avoid physical contact with any person or person. In addition to physical contact, it is important to keep a distance to avoid areas that could carry the disease. So follow the usual rules. Lastly, if you only have a chronic illness, you need to isolate yourself at home.

Home care has been shown to be effective in non -fatal cases. This will help ease the burden of hospitals and keep you from the hassle of traveling from one place to another while you are sick. However, if in any case, the health condition worsens, the hospital should, because COVID-19 is a fatal killer. Don’t think that the coronavirus is a threat and take good care of it, thinking that you will not get the disease as a child and without responsibility. It’s not enough to follow these messages, you need to spread the word about good practices and be happy to correct anyone who doesn’t follow Covid’s standards.

Using the above Covid-19 should be taken care of you can protect yourself and your family from the dangers of the disease. Remember, your health is your own responsibility, and you need to ensure your own safety.

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