Everly Health digital diagnostic team named Anthem vet Dr. Liz Kwo as CMO

Eternal Life, parent group of home diagnostics startup EverlyWell and pregnancy and Natalist about obesity, announced Monday that it has fired Anthem vet Dr. Liz Kwo will be her next chief medical officer.

Kwo, who has served as chief medical officer at Anthem, said the position at Everly will allow him to consider accessibility, affordability and cost -effectiveness at the test site. lab.

“I am a supporter of lowering the cost of health care as a whole – which is what I did at Anthem – and increasing access to and affordability of care,” he said. ia. MobiHealthNews. “So I believe that all Americans can get care at reasonable prices.

Kwo said she hopes to expand the range of services, especially in the women’s health center and in the medical field. Many left Health care is better available during COVID-19 disease, and more women than men opt for services such as screening and diagnostic tests. .

“So looking at how we help people who don’t like mobile, the elderly, others who can’t get in and out, and back among the providers, to get in, ”he said.

Patients are more comfortable with care from home now, and the digital health genie can’t be put back into the post-pandemic bottle, Kwo said. But Everly offers more than home diagnostics. In October, the company announced available at Natalist, which provides ovulation and pregnancy tests as well as vitamins and self -care products.

“I think some people have seen Everly as a large part of a diagnostic team. And I think that’s ours. But one thing I really like is the medical support and our medical network that is set up. product awareness and give focus, ”says Kwo. .

EverlyWell made its public debut in 2016 on the ABC show Shark Tank and has now raised more than $ 475 million in funding. In 2021, EverlyWell bought home diagnostic testing company PWNHealth to establish its parent company Everly Health.

“We can think of future patient journeys, whether it’s a birth journey or a regular care journey to the basic principles of care that we build.

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