EPA supports Trump-era decision not to fix pollution

Supporting a Trump-era environmental policy, the Environmental Protection Agency said on Friday it would not address a drinking water contaminant that has been linked to brain damage in babies.

The agency said the Trump administration’s decision in 2020 not to regulate perchlorate in drinking water was made with “the best evaluation science.” The chemical is used in rocket fuel and fire.

At the time, Trump’s EPA said perchlorate was not widely seen in drinking water or “at levels of health concern” to justify federal regulation. Resolution is one of the rollbacks or terminations of time or waiting for better health and caring for the environment. The coach ordered Biden to review that decision at the beginning of his term.

EPA Assistant Administrator Radhika Fox said “the office is using the right tools to support health care defenses.”

Community groups have criticized Biden’s decision.

“The Trump gave the EPA perchlorate; it was a bad decision then, and it’s a bad decision now,” said Erik Olson of the Natural Resources Defense Council’s support group. “The stagnant water in America will continue to be affected by this toxic chemical.”

Perchlorate from sewage pollutes the drinking water of 16 million Americans, the Obama administration said in 2011 when the EPA announced for the first time to set higher limits for the company. chemistry. It has been used in the U.S. for many years, both by the military and defense departments, and is often found in guns, firearms, toys and necks.

Demonstration of the compound can impair the development of fetuses and children and cause a drop in IQ in newborns, the American Academy of Pediatrics said in 2019, when it called for federal limits. It interferes with human growth by stopping the function of the thyroid gland.

In its 2020 review, the EPA cited state regulations and sanitation practices in contaminated areas as the health risks posed by the compound. Massachusetts and California, for example, limit perchlorate in drinking water to 2 parts per billion and 6 parts per billion.

“But the problem for the rest of the country is that the states don’t set the standards,” said Olson of the Natural Resources Defense Council. He said the compound had “the highest level of harmful chemicals in our water.”

In the southwest, perchlorate has been found in water entering Lake Mead in Nevada. The factories in Henderson, Nevada, are the center of chemistry. The EPA said clean -up operations at two industrial sites in the state between 2002 and 2006 resulted in a decrease in perchlorate levels according to data provided since then by community organizations and the waters of Nevada.

The EPA said Friday that it is considering other measures outside the federal drinking water limit, such as setting standards at hotspots and detonation areas, where it is based. severe perchlorate disease from burning harmful products from the manufacture of weapons and ammunition. One such site is in Colfax, Louisiana, where community members have long supported reform.

But community advocates say the move has not been successful.

“Simply put, the toxic chemicals used in rocket fuel don’t apply to our drinking water,” said John Rumpler, senior attorney with Environment America.

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