End the Transhumanist Agenda

The concept of transhumanism is still being studied, although at some point here. Many people think of transhumanism as turning humans into robots, but it really explains the social and intellectual movement involved in the development of human development technologies.1

On episode 26 of Children’s Health Defense (CHD) Tea Time, I spoke with Polly Tommey, program director for CHD-TV, and colleagues about the transhumanist program and what its purpose is. later to protect the population. The process has been delayed by the COVID-19 disease, and for the past two years, the global cabal has been dedicated to nurturing character, through fear and creating stories.

Most people don’t appreciate that they are being watched 24/7, and most of the visitors you allow into your life, even if you leave your privacy and consent to surveillance for pleasure. Google is the number one culprit and the biggest culprit, and they have the most power and authority from all over the world, 93% of the searches done on the web use Google.2 It was the largest monopoly in the history of the world.

They capture your information and strengthen your imagination

In the future, transhumanism could use technologies embedded in the human body or brain to provide superhuman knowledge or other forms of mental power. However, transhumanism now exists, not from an implantable object but through the creation of psychosis and the manipulation of consciousness.

A great example is the term “mass formation psychosis,” by Drs. Robert Malone, founder of the mRNA and DNA base technology,3 mentioned in an episode of “The Joe Rogan Experience” December 31, 2021. The event was seen by more than 50 million people.4

On January 2, 2022, mass formation psychosis reached a value of 100 on Google Trends,5 That is, it can become very popular, after being unheard of.

The technocrats were quick to act, falsifying search results and bombarding Google with propaganda to discredit Malone and the mainstream psychosis theory – even according to Mattias Desmet, a doctor of clinical psychology at the University of Ghent in Belgium, whose 126 books to his name.6 it has been taught for many years, and in reality it is more than 100 years old.

People under the condition of high -intensity psychosis pay close attention to the lack of a normal world or an event or a person – in this case COVID -19 – that is the cause of the disorder. monitor and be able to effectively manage the public. The event is leading to totalitarian thinking and, ultimately, to totalitarian states – and of course Google doesn’t want you to know about it.

Google Your Home

Because of their monopoly, Google protects what you see by falsifying search results and blocking sites or labeling them as “misleading information.” If you want to know how to get real health, for example, there is information on the internet – it’s there – but you can’t find it easily if you don’t know where to look for what it is. Google. knowledge powers.

By manipulating information, they can create and distort the truth about a subject – from COVID -19 to Ukraine – that is relevant to their project. Not only does the Google search engine look at what you do but so does your browser. Google Chrome takes care of everything you do on the web, while Gmail captures whatever you type – and keeps it on its servers forever.

If you use smart speakers in your home, such as Alexa and Google Home smart speakers or the Google Assistant smartphone app, sometimes people will listen to your requests, or you may be listening. when you least expect it. Smart thermostats can have microphones in them.

Have you ever had a phone conversation with someone and at what time or the next day started posting ads about something you talked about? This is a powerful example of how much information they collect about you and how they can use it to protect and mislead your character. They don’t need a futuristic transhumanist to get in and trick your brain – they do without it.

‘Hacking Organisms’ by Reengineer Life Ponoi

The beginning of the CHD video features transhumanist Yuval Noah Harari, a doctor at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and senior adviser to Klaus Schwab, who is also the chairman of the World Economic Forum (WEF). It is important to note that Schwab, WEF and Harari talk openly about transhumanism as part of The Great Reset, and Harari acknowledges the data that human elites can do before the “just building digital dictatorships.”

“By hacking organisms,” Harari said, “elites can have the power to recreate the future of their own lives because you can hack something, you can You’re an engineer. “7 Not immediately, he said, some agencies and governments will be able to “effectively connect everyone.” And, if they’re serious about hacking life, he explains it’s “the biggest change in biology since the beginning of life 4 billion years ago.” Harari area:8

“For 4 billion years, nothing has changed. Science is replacing evolution by natural selection and evolution by intelligent design. It is not the intelligent design of a god on the universe, but our intelligent design. , and the intelligent design of our world – the IBM world, the Microsoft world – are the new drivers of evolution.

When human life is hacked, hackers retain control over personal life – a process accelerated by disease. After all, Harari says, “It’s often said that you don’t have to let a good problem become a thing of the past.”9

Surveillance is an important part of the plan for a global totalitarian regime, and Harari said that in 100 years, people can look back and see the COVID-19 virus when it was taken. the new government in the look – “better look. under the skin.10

Although the brain-computer implant now allows the brain person to communicate with family and doctors with his or her feelings.11 I don’t believe technology has advanced until implantable microchips are used as brain-machine interfaces to protect your emotions. But what exists today are black passports, which can progress to digital IDs, and then lead to central bank digital currencies (CBDC) – the endgame.

CBDCs are found to be unavoidable; It is not a question of whether they will have it, but of time. As CBDCs become more prevalent, they can control everything, because it’s hard to survive without them. They don’t have to put a microchip in your hand to have this incredible power – they can monitor and monitor your entire movement through CBDCs.

Develop your physical fitness

Improving your health is one of the best ways you can develop your personal resilience against the new threats that will come your way. I explained three main things in the video, namely:

1. Avoid vegetable oils in your diet – Fruit oils, often referred to as cooking oils, are hidden in processed foods, including restaurant foods, unless you can verify that the cook is cooking with butter. . There is nothing harmful to your body in dealing with heart disease, cancer, age -related macular degeneration, diabetes, obesity and dementia.12

Even if you cut out processed foods and other serious offenses such as sweet potatoes and salad dressings in restaurants, you can still get these bitters because they are hidden. They are fed “healthy” foods such as chicken and pork. These animals are given cups filled with omega-6 fatty linoleic acid, which is found in most fruit oils and is harmful to health when consumed at high levels that are common today. .

People eat chicken because it is known to be a healthy and inexpensive food, but it is a major source of linoleic acid. In your own cooking, examples of good fats to use instead of essential oils are beef, butter or coconut oil.

2. Avoid large iron – Whether you are a postmenopausal man or woman, too much iron can affect your health. As a powerful oxidizer, iron can damage your tissues and impair mitochondrial function. Your body has less power to release iron, which it can build up in your bodies, including your heart, liver and pancreas.

Postmenopausal men and women can reduce their iron deficiency by donating blood two to three times a year. It is a good and easy treatment to help as well.

3. Date is usually available – Going out in the sun, showing off as much of your dark skin as possible, is the best way to ensure that your D vitamins are increasing. day, it increases the energy levels of vitamin A and mitochondrial melatonin, an important antioxidant in your mitochondria that reduces oxidative stress.

Open Google yourself

You do not need to visit Google.com to compromise your privacy. It’s even worse because your data can be captured while you’re talking on the phone. Programs can track and collect your data, which can then be used to wipe you out.

You can disable Google on your phone by getting an Android phone that doesn’t have Google’s operating system, but you need to find a skilled IT person who can change the firmware of your phone. You can further help protect your privacy and further combat the transhumanism movement by blocking some and all Google products. This includes:

  • Stop using Google’s search engines. Try the Brave search engine.
  • Open Google Chrome and use the Brave app, available for both computers and mobile apps. It blocks ads and protects your privacy.
  • If you have a Gmail account, try a non -Google email service instead of ProtonMail,13 an integrated mail service in Switzerland.
  • Stop using Google Maps.
  • If you are a high school student, do not convert Google accounts that you create as a student to personal accounts.

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