Egencia vs TripActions – 2022 Comparison

Searching for right Arranging a tour guide for your businesses can seem like a daunting task. You want a solution that offers the ability to track payments, integrate credit cards, automation functions, and more.

Here, we will compare some of the top TMCs: Egencia and TravelActions. We’ll see what works, what doesn’t, and what real users say about them.

As a bonus, we’ll also introduce you to a choice of these two, which can directly give your searcher a new TMC. Stay tuned for more.


Egencia is a corporate travel company recently acquired by American Express Global Business Travel (AMEX). It’s a consequence for large companies and businesses that need to send their employees around the world.

He sets himself up as a result to help businesses manage risk, increase customer satisfaction, and increase ROI in the business journey. In addition, it supports six languages ​​and is used in 60 countries.

According to Egencia, their top features are:

  • The pleasant travel plan: reduce carbon emissions for the green team journey.
  • The responsibility of care and crisis management: ensure the well -being of your employees from the time they book until they return home.
  • Refunds and VAT refunds: so you can save on your travel money.
  • COVID-19 pane: protect your employees wherever they go and observe COVID-19 safety measures.

What Egencia users have to say:

Egencia’s user reviews appreciate the simplicity and intuitiveness. Platform users want the way they can book everything from one place, and easily compare airplanes and hotels.

It is a very easy -to -use site for booking airplanes, hotels, and rental cars, among other things.”- Courtney K., review from G2

“It combines all the planes that have the same information that I can filter down to the specific requirements I have (time / date / reason / etc).” – See Capterra

However, not all is good news for Egencia users. Many people complain about the features of the phone app and the speed of installation and overall there are some improvements that they would like to see.

These days and years, you need an app that is easy to use, fast and has all the functions of a desktop website. This is not. ” – Scott K., reviewer from Capterra

“I want them to include some cheap flight options. Sometimes I can find better flights on Expedia from known carriers not in Egencia. – Anthony M., review from G2

I called with my co -worker Egencia to pick up the proceeds for our hotel stay and I had to wait for 20 minutes before it was okay! – Daniel L., review from G2

Looking at Egencia’s overall performance, he does the work. However, there are some mobile apps and customer service improvements that are highly preferred by their users. They don’t offer a free trial – it’s not suitable for small businesses.


TripActions is an affordable travel and travel agency. It assists businesses of all kinds including policy enforcement, online booking, mobile travel results, financial statements, travel notifications, and more.

Its AI technology provides recommendations about your company’s policies, real -time information about your employee’s travel expenses, and comprehensive business travel information.

TripActions said in their top features:

  • Continuous travel navigation: you can reduce your company’s carbon footprint.
  • Treasury: so you can find hotels and planes that suit your needs.
  • Powerful AI technology: increase savings by finding the lowest possible deals and bidding on the services you need.
  • Company card management: you will ensure continuous control by weaving the policy into corporate card transfer and reporting automation.

What TripActions users have to say:

TripActions users think the app is easy to use so once you’re familiar with its features, users can show up in less time. However, when starting with the software, users report the usefulness of the information provided by the platform.

“It’s hard to understand the different products at first but when you know they’re easy to use.” – Clyde A., courtesy of Capterra

While some users give it positive feedback, there are many legitimate complaints about the platform. For example, some travelers complain about integration with airlines and other programs that are known to impair its entire bookkeeping operations.

Some users complain about setting search results that can be embarrassing.

“I had to buy two one -way tickets because travel options didn’t allow me to book flights whenever I wanted.” – Kyle K., reviewer from G2

Add -ons cannot be booked through TripActions, which means that if only seats are available to the business, you will not be able to add the ability to choose seats or pay for booked bags. In the app. You have to pay for them and they will be paid again. – Grace H., reviewer from G2

“I found myself using my airline app to advertise real -time flights on TripActions.” – Brenton D., reviewer from G2

Another problem reported by some users was that the approval process and the process was clunky and not fixed for streamlined registration.

“The only problem is that the trips are approved by the customer before going on registration.” – See Capterra

TripActions is an affordable travel and travel company. While he has his advantages, the problems with his work, the phone system, and his complex workflow are understood to be decisive for some.

Another option: TravelPerk

Now that we know what Egencia and TripActions can do, we’ll take a look at a TMC that we think is best for the performance, and the improvements given the appropriate reviews : TravelPerk.

TravelPerk is a top -notch travel agency. It was developed to give travelers and their officers the freedom and power they needed to schedule a trip. TravelPerk is a very strong choice for Egencia and TripActions, combining the advantages of both.

TravelPerk provides seamless travel information by providing travel software, travel problem and responsible care, easy travel options, and more.

It’s not without good reason that Revolut, Grammarly, Uber, and many other companies rely on TravelPerk when it comes to making their travel arrangements easier and more hassle -free.

TravelPerk also integrates with other apps such as Expensify, BambooHR, Mobileexpense, Ramp, and more. This allows users to take travel navigation to the next level by integrating with their existing platforms and workflows.

TravelPerk’s concierge services, real -time announcements, and intuitive apps give you all the services offered by an entire travel company – all in one site. In addition, unlike Egencia and TripActions—TravelPerk does not charge a registration fee. You only pay for your journey.

Top features of TravelPerk include:

  • Professional-guided travel list: see your company travel the best deals on the market – including the lowest price. TravelPerk’s affordable prices make sure you don’t find a better place elsewhere.
  • The independence and convenience of travelers with 100% performance: get your trip to where they need to be within the limits of your travel policy.
  • Excellent customer service – available 24/7: Whatever comes your way, you know the TravelPerks team is with you – every day, every day.
  • FlexiPerk: ensures at least 80% of user fees are refunded upon completion up to 2-hours prior to departure.
  • GreenPerk: eliminate your carbon footprint by incorporating sustainability practices developed by the TravelPerk Sustainability team.

Let’s take a look at what TravelPerk users have to say about the platform.

What TravelPerk users have to say:

TravelPerk users appreciate the user and support team of the above customers. They also like the affordable nature of the pay-as-you-go service, and enjoy the low cost options offered.

What I really liked was that the app was available on mobile and offline to show my tickets. The platform is easy to use, and with a few clicks, you can make your journey. – Report by Marta P. from G2

“The product is great for tourists to book the trip into the company’s portfolio and travel programs. – Fraser H., reviewer from SoftwareAdvice

Another feature that users will want is the ability to see where colleagues have been in the past. This gives them a better idea of ​​what to expect, and time to ask around for advice.

Let’s take a look at a headline and headline comparison of these three travel tips for you to finally decide:

Existence TripActions TravelPerk
Executives Sad long Short
Customer support Sad Sad very well
Prices Sad Pipi Money matters
Travel list Sad Sad very well
EU-ready very well Poor very well
User information Sad very well very well
Phone information Sad very well very well
Government and administration very well Poor very well
Report and data Sad Sad very well
Take care Sad Sad very well
Travel information Sad Sad very well
This program Sad very well very well
Addition Sad Sad very well
Expense management Sad very well very well

Get started with TravelPerk

After comparing these three travel management strategies we can see the pros and cons of each, with user reviews being the ultimate test of value.

While other TMCs are doing their job and providing relevant information to their users, TravelPerk shows serious work. TravelPerk gives you everything you need from your travel agency.

Ready to safely navigate your travel adventures? Sign up today, and start the journey with TravelPerk.

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