Ecuador produces oil from the Amazon stockpile


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Ecuador said Wednesday it has begun importing oil from a third of the crop that has a share in a nature reserve in the Amazon rainforest.

Harvesting of 3,600 barrels per day will begin at the Ishpingo oil field which joins the nearby Tiputini and Tambococha plantations in the so -called ITT block, which will hold more than 40 tons. most of South America is certified economists.

The three fields combined account for over 1.0 billion of Ecuador’s OPEC production of four billion barrels of certified oil reserves.

The release in Tiputini and Tambococha began in 2016 after years of heated controversy over the smelting in the Yasuni state park.

Then President Rafael Correa tried to persuade the global community to pay Ecuador $ 3.6 billion not to use the ITT blockchain – a never -ending move to protect the Amazon and help prevent change. To the sky.

With his government tied for money amid rising oil prices, the leftist asked the council to give it the first go to spin.

President Guillermo Lasso now wanted to double Ecuador’s oil production in the face of opposition from indigenous and local communities.

“If this well (in Ishpingo) maintains its current standard of 3,600 barrels per day … about $ 60 million will be produced annually, to be included in the improvement to the education, health and safety system, ”the government said. Wednesday. .

By 2021, the country will produce over half a million barrels per day, mostly by the state of Petroecuador, according to the Central Bank.

A further 36 wells are expected to be built in the Ishpingo site, operated by China’s CNPC Chuanqing Drilling Engineering Company Limited.

Aside from the most diverse parts of the world, the 2.5 million -acre Yasuni Park is home to one of the last Indigenous populations in the world.

Ecuador launches crude oil in the Amazon Conservation Area

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