E -mails and text messages in the form of conversations can have a negative impact on high -level professional activities.


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Is your day an unstable cycle of email, text messages and conversations? New research from FIU Business suggests that if you’re looking to stay fit all day, you may want to take your fingers off the keyboard for a while.

Research has found that the extensive use of text -to -text communication – including text messages and emails – for complex tasks, such as negotiating, solving or problem solving, can be demeaning. the interest and engagement of the person in the activity that begins after the conversation is over.

“It is more difficult to negotiate or work together to resolve a problem via email or courier than it is to work in person because communication is limited to text to knowledge, voice and non -speech, ”said Ravi Gajendran, FIU Business associate professor of global leadership and navigation. do the research. “The lack of these cues means that it takes a long time to communicate the text and requires more thought to arrive at a common understanding.

In the study, published in the March 2022 issue of Organizational Processes and Human Organizational Processesresearchers have conducted experiments looking at the relationships between communication mode – electricity and human – in motivational management and the performance of complex cognitive tasks, such as communication and organization. Ana.

In another attempt, participants had to communicate via text or personally guide each other in posting the images in an appropriate manner. After that, they need to read a media story and see the mistakes that need to be corrected. Those who used text -to -speech had more errors than those who had physical -spoken had a 19% reduction in difficult mental activity relative to the average speaker.

Another attempt to measure motivation after spending 20 minutes in an activity required groups to talk to join tangram groups and then answer six questions from Cognitive Reflection. Test. Speakers in the text often chose the wrong response on the post-study test rather than the face-to-face participants, indicating low-level care.

Gajendran explained that activities that could be hampered by excessive use of email or email tools are not routine; they need thinking and leadership. These include presentation writing, problem solving, critical thinking and leadership training.

“We want to better prepare people and remember to use email for these taxes. Knowing this, you can plan for a vacation, a walk before you start. a difficult task, ”he said. “The director can see the costs and decide what is better or worse.”

For best results, ask the person before Zoom

More information:
Ravi S. Gajendran et al, The hidden costs of text -to -text communication in complex cognitive tasks: Keeping motivation and aggression down. Organizational Processes and Human Organizational Processes (2022). DOI: 10.1016 / j.obhdp.2022.104130

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