Don’t forget the impossibility. Join our European Trail.

This trip is visiting some of the most pleasant cities in Europe, so it’s a good idea to have our European Trail connect you with one of our best accommodation. Take Paris. This is where you’ll be staying with the oh-so-chic Jo & Joe, and it’ll change your mind about hostels. Featuring a large living area with a restaurant, bar, garden and dance floor, this is the perfect place to relax after a day exploring the City of Light. Go back to the lawn, watch mirrors, cook on the BBQ area or watch live music. You are in Paris; Why would you decide on a comfortable chair?

Let’s look at another. In the Czech Republic you will be staying in Prague Plus, and again, it is not a traditional hotel. inside water outside. BBQ area. Bar. ball field. Gym (sometimes you have to do those Czech lagers). And, according to our European Quest accom, you are at the center of the action.

It’s not just a taste of the wow-factor dreams you’ll enjoy on the trip, but there are many more, from Wombat’s in Budapest to Anda in Venice.

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