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We often turn to air in the summer to keep it warm, but one study has found that it is a good and safe option to melt the air in the house, without any discomfort.

By using indoor air conditioners, the internal heat threshold can be increased rather than being comfortable for the person (and the main reason we are able to breathe air far away when temperature) can be increased to 3 to 4 ˚C before using single vents.

The researchers also led a closer look at the costs associated with the environmental impact and realized how much more effective the use of air fresheners can be to reduce air use (from a green house melting point) before switching from incandescent light bulbs to LEDs.

The model, led by the University of Sydney, found that by slightly increasing the movement of air in a building so that fans could reduce the use of electricity and electricity. with the annual cost of cooling indoor areas with air fresheners in Australia at about 70 per cent.

Although the house temperature is higher due to the lower use of air – the study was conducted using heaters at comfort levels as low as the lowest indoor temperature with regular use of heaters. the air.

The information is published in The Lancet Planetary Health led by a global team of experts from the University of Sydney on behalf of Monash University, University of Newcastle and Radboud University Medical Center, based in the Netherlands.

The work shows how changing the space consumption in the fan can reduce energy demand and release green gas.

The key lies in the fact that electronic devices work to change the way the human body is compared to air. Electric air conditioners pump the speed of the air over the skin surface to have a higher temperature loss with lower temperature, while the air lower temperatures with less movement. of the air.

“Through their single purpose of reducing air temperature, the air feeds a cycle of high energy use – often provided by fossil fuel power plants to provide a further increase in emissions. , “Said lead author Professor Ollie Jay, Director of the Heat and Health Research Incubator in the Faculty of Medicine and Health.

“The‘ IPCC Sixth Assessment Report on Mitigation of Climate Change ’emphasizes the need for the introduction of low -income living conditions, with climate change options for climate change,” said lead author Drs. Arunima Malik, continuing senior lecturer at the Physics and Business School.

“Our research confirms that low -cost outcomes such as firefighters can offer emission reductions in order to achieve the goals of the Paris agreement.”

Appropriate conditions for continuity and comfort

The researchers compared energy use and green fusion in relation to the comparison of five models with different combinations of fan and air use. This applies conditions with fans operating at different speed settings.

After recording data on the effect of fans on human comfort levels prior to the onset of pain, the number of hours above the temperature comfort limit was calculated by determine the use of air, and the use of energy and greenhouse gas emissions.

“To accomplish this calculation we need to compile the hourly temperature data for the entire year, for the entire country on a 150,000-cell raster grid. We were able to do this using supercomputers, ”said lead author Professor Manfred Lenzen of the School of Physics.

They found that using fans with an air speed of 1 · 2 m / s and using an air conditioner at some point, compared to air conditioners alone, reduced the risk. 76 percent of energy use (from 5592 GWh to 1344 GWh) and greenhouse gas emissions. 5091 kilotonnes and 1208 kilotonnes).

“We know that preventing green gas emissions is the only way to limit future global warming,” said Professor Jay.

“By increasing the movement of air in with the fans, you can feel the same high temperature as you would at a low temperature using an air conditioner. with shelters and facilities in Australia. ”

Scientists show a significant effect of keeping low on green gas emissions.

More information:
Arunima Malik et al, The ability of indoor heaters to alter air use while maintaining human thermal comfort in hot weather: an evaluation of energy demand and emissions Greenhouse gas emissions. The Lancet Planetary Health (2022). DOI: 10.1016 / S2542-5196 (22) 00042-0

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