Disney Cruise Line waives medical requirements for children 5 to 11

(CNN) — Disney Cruise Line said on Monday it is dropping its requirement for children under 12.

Effective September 2, a requirement to be fully screened for Covid-19 will no longer apply to travelers ages 5 to 11 for flights departing from US and Canadian ports.

The first rule of the cruise line, which will continue on flights departing until September 1, requires 5 guests and more to be fully vaccinated against Covid-19.

Although the US Food and Drug Administration has approved Covid vaccines for children as young as 6 months, the cruise line has not extended its requirement to younger children.

With the change, a requirement will still apply to all visitors 12 and over. The cruise line notes that medications are recommended for younger travelers.

“In consideration of CDC guidance, Disney Cruise Line strongly recommends that guests be fully trained prior to sailing,” Disney Cruise Line said.

A Covid-19 test is required for all visitors, with different requirements for checked and non-checked travelers.

Fully booked guests who give a negative Covid-19 test result one or two days before departure will be tested on the cruise ship. Fully insured guests who have not given negative test results are required to take tests on board and be paid for those tests.

Guests who do not have the flu must have a negative test result prior to travel and take a second on-site pre-boarding test paid for by Disney.

CNN Travel has reached out to Disney Cruise Line for comment on the revised policy.

More and more cruise lines are flouting Covid regulations

Disney isn’t the only cruise line to loosen Covid-19 regulations, and some cruise lines are moving toward easing protocols.

As of September 5, Royal Caribbean will allow all cruises, regardless of medical status, to depart from certain American ports and European homeports.
Celebrity Cruises also announced plans to relax medical requirements on cruises from some ports starting September 5.

The moves come after the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released its cruise control program in mid-July.

The company said it will continue to provide test reports to cruise lines and ships will continue to report Covid cases to the CDC.

The CDC advises cruise lines as operators and managers to manage their own Covid mitigation.

“Additionally, cruise travelers have access to travel advisories to help them make informed decisions about cruise travel,” the CDC said.

Top photo: The Disney Fantasy was photographed on January 2, 2022, in Port Canaveral, Florida. (Phelan M. Ebenhack/AP)

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