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Transformation is the new dimension of health care!

From changing the way we think about how we can prevent, manage and manage health problems, the health care industry has undergone a major transformation. Of course, there has been a lot of change in recent years due to technological advances and the COVID-19 disease.

Even before the outbreak of the coronavirus, health care services went to great lengths to improve the old health system.

How is Technology Transforming Healthcare?

Technology is the main driver behind the growth of the healthcare industry and the release of COVID-19 has accelerated that move forward. Technological advances have improved health care in many ways, including;

1- Get Medicine

One of the greatest benefits of technology to digital health care is that it improves care. Access to the most comprehensive medical options, access to better health care providers and services such as e-pharmacies are opening new doors for improving treatment options.

2- Improve patient care

Advances in technology have helped keep patients safe, healthy, and efficient. Provides access to real -time patient data, robotic medicine, advanced diagnostic options that help provide reliable and efficient patient care.

3- Personal Information Systems (EHR)

The availability of medical records changes the paper history that is maintained. An EHR is a game changer of medical records that delivers data into a centralized and computerized healthcare system. In addition, EHR reduces errors in health care patients and allows health care providers to perform a predictive assessment of a patient’s health based on their prior history.

4- Telemedicine

Telemedicine is about remote care and is one of the best results of technological progress in health care. Telemedicine provides the best medical care in areas where patients do not have access to the best health care facilities or have transportation problems. Apart from this, telemedicine is more effective because of its cost.

All these advances make the health care system a more desirable option than traditional health systems.

Health Care Initiatives in South Asia

The health systems have grown significantly now because of advances in technology, and South Asia is no different. Countries in the Southern Region including Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka face similar challenges in the health sector.

Some of the major problems are poor health systems, lack of access to health care, limited access to health care services and lack of access to services. Amidst these challenges, many health care startups are operating with great difficulty.

Ola Ola It is one of the leading health care organizations operating in India offering a wide range of health care services.

Healthwire- An existing Healthwire System

In our neighboring countries, Pakistan is witnessing a boom in the health care industry. Among the health care providers in Pakistan, is growing rapidly and is one of the top health care industries in Pakistan.

This initiation of health care in Pakistan is serving as a one -stop shop to the health -related problems while the health system is under construction and the general public is ignorant.

“ is committed to providing a healthcare environment that meets the changing needs of patients and caregivers. In the past year, we have been able to create over 5 million medical records with 3 million patients registered from all over the country. The launch will provide quality and reliable health care services to achieve significant progress in the health sector in Pakistan. “

-Hamza Iqbal- Luna Nui

Digital Life System

From the beginning, health care organizations have created a module-centric module. Pharmaceutical companies or health care providers do not have the consumer as an integral part of a health care system.

Times are changing now and the consumer’s responsibility for health care decisions is shifting to the realm of the health care industry. Looking to the future, health care organizations are seeing this paradigm shift from company-centric to disease-centric.

This change promotes a digital health care ecosystem. The digital health ecosystem takes over all the touch points of the health care system in terms of patient, medical, and critical data.

Essentials of ecological health care

The digital health ecosystem covers all aspects of the health care industry;

  • A digital health ecosystem is working to create the possibilities for relapse at home, post -hospital care, and patient care.
  • In addition, the health care ecosystem provides the quality, safety, efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the health care systems provided.
  • The digital health ecosystem plays a role in the recovery of the patient.
  • In addition, the economic stability of improving other health care systems is a major concern of a healthy ecosystem.

Three P’s of Digital Healthcare Ecosystems

Founded in a patient-centric approach, a three-component health care ecosystem, with

1- Supplier

The first P of the digital health care ecosystem applies to health care providers in relation to health care facilities, pharmacies and laboratories. These providers are meeting the high demands of health care services and are facing many challenges. One of the most common challenges faced by health care providers is related to incomplete patient data, limited resources and health care services.

In a healthy healthcare environment, the workload of health care providers is a major concern that takes up a significant portion of care time. The health care system can help reduce this time by providing patient -centered data.

2- Sick

The second P of the ecosystem is that the patient is the main focus of each healthy ecosystem. Unlike normal times, patients want to keep their medical history and they want health care services. Health care technology allows patients to have better control over their health decisions.

The digital biological model is now based on preventive care rather than the curative model. The digitalization and automation of health care systems provides better control over emergency care response and ensures patient confidence in health care providers. In addition to this, prognostic evaluation plays a role in educating patients about future health problems.

3- Payers

Payers make up a third of the P of a health care ecosystem and are focused on reducing the cost of health care services. As the cost of health care rises, so does access to health care services. Payers include health insurance companies and the government that can make health care available by using their status in the health ecosystem.

Development of the Digital Healthcare Ecosystem

Considering the three components of the health care ecosystem, the new health care ecosystem enhances the relationship between providers and consumers. Health care systems are changing in these ways;

  • The relationship between providers and payers is improved to provide effective and efficient health care solutions.
  • The public health ecosystem continues to provide accurate health care services by ensuring real -time data exchange. This exchange of data between providers, pharmacists and diagnostic services (major providers of digital health care) enables an accurate and quick response.
  • The public health ecosystem uses resources to promote positive relationships between network users and patients, physicians, pharmacists and health care providers.

Bottom line!

The health care industry is undergoing a rapid change due to new technological advances and the move from a company-centric to a patient approach. The public health ecosystem is the future of public health care that aims to provide public health care services.

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