Diagnostic tests for a group of 45 years of age and older

A routine and diagnostic test is expected to identify health problems if present, better predict for deaths such as cancer, can be better managed if detected early, and evaluated. your risk for illnesses in the family and for future medications. trouble. Diagnostic tests should be done while you are healthy. Most diagnostic tests are performed in the age bracket to assess the effect of medication taken for chronic diseases, or to evaluate the effect of the age on different parts of the body.

Blood tests

In most cases, it is a routine review to look at the effect of various anti-hypertensives on blood pressure control within normal levels. As we age, our blood vessels decrease, which in turn increases our cardiovascular events. Your doctor will call you every week or every time to check our blood pressure, it should be within the limits.

Checking cholesterol

Aging increases the amount of cholesterol in the blood vessels, which can be especially problematic if a variety of diseases such as blood clots are present. Normal blood levels give you an accurate idea of ​​different cholesterol types. If they are above normal levels, the doctor will recommend medications to be taken and recommend that screening tests be done more often. It is necessary to change the way of life now, because a healthy diet, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle can reduce the problem.

Diabetes diagnosis

Family history plays an important role in determining how the disease progresses but after all it is largely decided by your lifestyle. Your diet, eating high fat foods can make you diabetic even though you don’t have a genetic predisposition. Your endocrinologist will instruct you to do this test more often.

Check teeth

The doctor knows that it is important to understand the condition of your dental hygiene. Because dental problems are also associated with heart problems, it is necessary to visit one or two dentists each year for examination and cleaning.

Eye contact

This will address problems related to the diagnosis and development of glaucoma or cataract. Patients such as diabetes mellitus with recent complaints related to visual acuity are especially likely to have these tests on a regular basis.

Diagnosis of breast cancer

For women, this involves regular self -examination and having a mammogram every 1 to 2 years to look for underlying causes. Women who have a previous family history of breast cancer need to consult with her doctor, and then she can determine the best diagnostic test and the frequency to run the same.

Prostate cancer treatment

Men aged 45 and over should consult their doctor about prostate cancer. Men with a family history of sleep disorders need to be vigilant and consult together. The doctor recommends tests such as PSA to determine the possibilities.

Diagnostic tests are available annually for the 27-35 year old age group

Diagnostic tests are available annually for the age group of 35-45 years

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