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Record degens, diamond hands, whales, lobsters, cutters and crypto-seekers of all kinds. The DeFi and Future of Programmable Money online summit kicks off this week on March 30th.

Decentralized money is on the move, and we invite you to join top crypto leaders, engineers, investors and regulators and come for the ride. We don’t laugh when we say now is your time to hear and join the big names in other money.

Tip: Going to DeFi and Future of Programmable Money is free, but you need to sign up to save your place. There is a partnership with Sommelier Finance – a leading crypto program designed to separate decentralized financial transactions – co -founded by Zaki Manian.

Please, let’s go back to those big names.

It starts with understanding Why DeFi is the future of money. This series features Zaki Manian (Sommelier), with Adam Goldberg (Standard Crypo) and Sunny Aggarwal (Osmosis). These business leaders will explain how DeFi is different from – and built on – today’s central financial systems. Find out what the future holds and what the future holds for money.

Enjoy interactive discussions with the likes of Michael Egorov the founder and CEO of Curve Financial – the King Kong of crypto -verse. Do not forget What is DeFi’s position today and why it is growing.

Do you like high -powered people? We’re going to be accompanied by SEC Commissioner, Hester Peirce – aka, “Crypto Mom.” The Mainstream can model the rules, but Peirce is a strong supporter of nuance and the right rules to encourage, rather than endorse innovation.

Listen to the DeFi and fixes: DeFi fixes are here (ish) While Peirce will join Kristin Smith (The Blockchain Association), Miller Whitehouse Levine (DeFi Education Fund) and Zaki Manian (Sommelier) to discuss how regulators can engage the ecosystem with product and DeFi measures could help bring regulators to the table.

DeFi and Future of Programmable Money take place in just two days on March 30. Stop procrastination, shoot FOMO on the side and avoid the morning FML charity party. Sign up here for this just bend over today!

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