Deep Dive Dubai – Immerse yourself in the deepest water lake in the world

Did you not dare to compete in the deepest lake in the world? Then there’s Deep Dive Dubai to see you.

* Advice: This is not for people with Thalassophobia. This article contains images that are not visible to others. Thank you!

How deep can you go while swimming? 5ft? 6ft? Or is it 7ft? How about a 60m (196 ft) pond? Yes, that pond is there, and it’s in Dubai!

Deep Dubai a once -in -a -lifetime experience for happiness seekers. We’ve heard of sky diving – flying like a bird thousands of meters above, why not try to dive a hundred meters below? If you are into this tutorial, then this article is for you because I will share with you our latest experience on Deep Dive Dubai!

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It’s the beginning of a journey of excitement and joy

Here are some shots from my friend’s fun trip, Hobograph, and Nemanja, at Deep Dive Dubai.

Deep Dive Dubai is a 196ft-deep ‘underwater city’ full of ‘abandoned’ buildings and an arcade to watch out for! Good, isn’t it? Unfortunately, I can’t try this because I cut it a few weeks ago, but I think I can try this back.

The good thing about Deep Dive Dubai is that it is also there an introductory dive for beginners. So, if you haven’t dived before, you’ll have a chance to try it for the FIRST time in the deepest lake in the world! Talk about pride, haha!


I’m not going to lie, when we arrived at Deep Dive Dubai and saw the lake, it was very sad to look at – “This lake isn’t playing! Deep down! “, I thought to myself. But hey, I’m a magician and I want to be happy so 100% I want to try! And then I remember I can’t do it right now because of my cut Another reason to come back! Lol

Deep Dive Dubai Try yourself in the deepest lake in the world

Fortunately, my friend, Hobograph, and Nemanja were able to give it a try and I can tell you what they found.

Deep Dive Dubai Try yourself in the deepest lake in the world

The pond at Deep Dive Dubai is not the usual lake which is not seen below. I mean, yes, it’s deep, but other than that, there are a lot of things to watch out for when you dive.

Deep Dive Dubai Try yourself in the deepest lake in the world

Diving here is like entering a whole new world! It was like going swimming in the ocean (except there were no fish and no roots). There is a car for sale! Haha! Want to go shopping?

Deep Dive Dubai Try yourself in the deepest lake in the world

They provide all the equipment so that listening to the instruction, you will have the courage to dive, and enjoy the knowledge! If you want to experiment with your kids, no problem even if they are 10 years old or older.

Deep Dive Dubai Try yourself in the deepest lake in the world

I was so upset watching them enjoy the swim! I really wanted to get in and join them but I couldn’t. This is the time when I realized I would actually go back to Dubai for this. I can’t wait to do this! So I thought I would soon finish my goal of visiting all the countries of the world so that I could go straight to Dubai and go diving at Deep Dive Dubai. Haha!

What to know more about Deep Dive Dubai

Like I said, beginners can dive. Even if you don’t know how to dive before, no problem! There are tutorials that can teach you. However, people with pre -existing medical conditions that prevent someone from going diving to try to work out are not allowed (as I found it.) You can check for complete medical conditions. or Deep Dive Dubai here.

Deep Dive Dubai Try yourself in the deepest lake in the world

For certified divers, the depth of diving depends on your certification. According to Deep Dive Dubai, here are the deep dive levels.

  • As permitted by verification and re -examination of the information
  • Start dives up to 20m with new knowledge
  • High divers up to 30m with new experience
  • Trimix has trained technical divers up to 60m with the latest knowledge

If you are serious about diving and want to make it a new “hobby”, then you can sign up for Deep Dive Dubai’s Scuba Courses. They will provide all the equipment you will need, a loving mentor, certification, and other necessities that you will need during the course.

You can view their full fees and write down the information directly here.

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