Culture Shock: 10 Amazing Things You’ll Find in Japan

Before anyone cries out for lung cancer, let me explain. Many countries still smoke as much as 1955. Their bodies are their choice. I traveled to France and Eastern Europe, the two smoking countries where people can smoke in most public buildings. (At the bottom, their streets were covered with tobacco bags).

In Japan, some smoke as well very usually, much larger than in France. The main difference is in their approach. Unlike most other countries, Japan wants to continue to smoke in it. Yes, it is better to smoke in a fence or a tree than to smoke on the streets. Why? Because it eliminates smokers from going out to smoke and smoke on the cleanest streets of Japan. There are also smoking rooms on the train tracks. There are tobacco vending machines. Everyone and their grandmother smokes in Japan, but you don’t see it looking from the outside because they clean their way so well!

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