Crunchyroll completes the free cast for the new series and continues

Crunchyroll will no longer offer free advertising for newly released episodes, the anime streaming service has announced a new feature on its website (via About Gizmodo). Viewers who want to check out parts of the new events or continue to enjoy some of Crunchyroll’s premium offers, starting at $ 7.99 / month.

Users don’t have to sign up to view simulcast titles before converting, but there’s a tradeoff – Crunchyroll will delay the release of new episodes by one week for free users, though the authors can watch them an hour after they start in Japan. This is something I (and many others who use Crunchyroll for free) get excited about when I take a closer look at the new pieces.

But right now, Crunchyroll is banning free users from watching very slow simulcasts. The policy of service begins this spring, while Crunchyroll plans to give users access to a “seasonal sampler,” or a selection of simulcasts scheduled to begin in spring 2022 , with Kiu x Ohana, A Second of Cuckoos, Play Tomodachi, and more. Crunchyroll will be giving away the first three episodes of each show to the sampler for free one week after they launch until May 31st. Watching beyond the first episodes or accessing Crunchyroll’s entire simulcast lineup requires a subscription. Crunchyroll said all users can view the pieces added to the platform for free.

It’s unclear if Crunchyroll will continue to offer season models before spring 2022, or when pieces will be available from this season’s lineup for free viewing in the future. . To the Verge Crunchyroll was contacted with a request for comment but was not immediately heard.

Sony, which owns Funimation, acquired Crunchyroll last year in a deal that sold for $ 1.175 billion, but the service has begun to make major changes. Earlier this month, Crunchyroll announced that it would be inheriting the Funimation anime series in an attempt to seamlessly combine the two services. While Crunchyroll says it “will continue to provide free information in the future,” the termination of free extension simulcasts is likely to hurt those who use the app for free. service for years, and also raises the question of whether Crunchyroll will work. decide to lock others after registration.

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