Contiki is 60! But have you heard our epic teacher story?

So here we are, 60 years later. From one car ride to 300+ trips in 6 countries. Since John’s voyage began, we have gathered millions (!) Of young travelers and introduced them to the world.

Although John is no longer associated with Contiki, he is proud of how long the brand has been around, and the way the vibe has lasted.

In a recent interview, he said, “It’s about the people. The most important thing to me is every time I see a Contiki train coming to me, all over the world, full of young people to have fun. I always look and wave.

It is the spirit of the implementation that I am responsible for providing so many young people with amazing knowledge. In many ways it is the most important part of my life.

People come up and say ‘I want you to meet my husband or wife.’ They met on the trip. They have the idea. I get the idea. They are strangers. Contiki is their daughter’s journey. It’s like a secret society all over the world. People say ‘I’m going to a Contiki’. Signs come on the market every day but they are only a small part of the test of time. “

No truth was spoken, John. We are proud to continue your legacy as we look forward to the next 60 years of community travel. (We don’t think we’re dealing with travel money in Monte Carlo.

Would you like to join us for our 60th birthday party? Think about it: you, most of the other tours, a 16th Century Chateau, water parties, nightclubs and Beaujolais wines are all yours to drink. See you there in the summer?

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