Contiki fashion sure has come a long way over the years …

Throw back where it started – 1962 – to one man with a real big dream, a small car, a sh * tload of ambition, and some dodgy old clothes. This, my friends, was the birth of Contiki.

60 (!) Years have passed and the nature of the tour has continued, but to say that we have traveled a long way in the last 6 years is an understatement. Since starting on the highways of Europe, we have spread our wings to 6 countries, we don’t plan to delay anytime soon (Antarctica, tell me?).

And it’s not just our range that has grown over the years; Our trip also included a sartorial tour of their own – one that involved a LOT of haircuts and some serious short haircuts.

So if you’re interested in the evolution of the Contiki style over the years, get ready for the usual hilarity…

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