Contiki and the trip changed my life

Contiki was started in 1962 by a Kiwi named John Anderson. He wanted to travel to Europe but like most of us he had little money. So he made a stupid plan. He bought a Mini Van and posted notice that he was a tour guide and had 2 seats left on his next trip. Great response, he filled the car and traveled around Europe with people (who thought he was an expert, even though he was just talking). But it’s a good time they want to do it again next summer. And now, 60 years later, Contiki travels to 6 countries and 50 countries.

In my opinion, Contiki is the top of their class because of the love, passion, and drive of all the staff. The Trip Manager’s role is to guide travelers through a whirlwind tour experience; but more than that, tour guides become best friends, councilors, writers, and city gurus, with a wealth of knowledge on everything you find to do. Having the comfort of a professional by your side really comforted me. The Coach Driver can run up to 600 km a day (and drive crazy cars) working with a big smile!

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