Conclusion: Quantum computing has a serious problem

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Quantum computing is a hype problem

As a buzzword, quantum numbers are probably more under AI in terms of hype. Large technology companies have extensive research and development efforts in quantum computing. A group of startups have grown, some of which are proud of the intimidating prices.

A real quantum computer has applications that are unimaginable today, as when the first transistor was made in 1947, no one can figure out how to guide smartphones and with computers. But quantum computing professionals are starting to be troubled by some of the critical issues, even when it comes to demands about how – and how fast – it will be sold.

The systems we have today are important scientific works, but they do not bring us closer to a quantum computer that can solve a problem that someone thought of. We don’t know how long it will take, but it’s far more than the growing industry and its customers can you believe. Read the full story.

Sankar Das Sarma is the director of the Condensed Matter Theory Center at the University of Maryland, College Park.

Read carefully

I joined the internet to see you with fun / serious / scary / interesting stories about technology.

1 Nokia technology has helped digital browsing in Russia
The Finnish group’s equipment and supplies were used to track down the opposition. (NYT $)
+ HowPutin has become a villain today.(NYT $)
+Why Europe is always playing with Russia’s spying?(FT $)

2 China’s covid economy is declining
Xi Jinping’s side faces a small option but will abandon its hopes of a zero-covid policy. (Economy $)
+Shanghai has been caught up in rising tensions in China.(Kākua)
+Elsewhere in Asia, covid boundaries are being lowered – despite the proliferation of omicrons.(NYT $)

3 About one -third of the NFT collections were completed
Insiders don’t think the stomach will explode, but there is interest. (Bloomberg $)
+Museums are jumping on the NFT bandwagon – but do consumers want creators?(NYT $)
+Selling property in the metaverse at the same price as IRL.(IEEE Spectrum)
+A text website is coming up. (Policy)

4 Keanu Reeves has been removed from the Chinese site
The Human Actor (as well as the friendly website) joined a pro-Tibetan concert, much to the chagrin of Chinese authorities. (LA Times)

5 Tesla’s black employees complained of racial harassment at the company’s factories
They show performance under dangerous conditions. (LA Times)
+ Crying, threats to complain and angry emails are just the tip of the iceberg for car editors about Elon Musk. (WP $)
+Musk thinks he can “help fight fights.”(Koloko)
+Tesla bros are even harder to identify problems with the Full Self-Driving system.(Viewer)
+A first teacher in the same car.(Conversation)

6 News related to an investigation of false news turned into a fraudulent…
Does anyone have a headache? (To Atlantic $)
+Scientists are using Twitter to see if their work is unclear.(Science)
+Conservative influencers fear that right -wing thresholds are echoes. (NBC)

7 We probably don’t like jetpacks after all
There was a great commotion of them flying everywhere. (Slate $)

8 Is it easier to get ADHD medications than mental health technologies?
The lines between ‘patient’ and ‘consumer’ are blurred with ambiguity here. (WSJ $)

About 9 million modified mosquitoes will be released in California⁇
It was an important attempt to control the spread of dangerous diseases. (Kākua)

10 Is this the end of a youth house party?
Smart home technology is going the way of Gen Z to loosen their hair. ($ Info)

Language of the day

“What does politics mean in Russia if you don’t want to fight against the war at that famous time?”

—Political activist Iya Yashin said the Seer He has no plans to leave Russia as tens of thousands of people are leaving the country amid fears of closing the border.

We can have good things

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+ Not only is Taylor Hawkins a very good drummer, she loves to sing Queen songs. Here is the real thing.
+ Lovers of Lord of the Rings will be delighted that a new graphic version of The Silmarillion will be released in October.
+ All red Oscars games – reduced shots.
+ It’s fun to think of what the Capitol Hill rioters left behind – camouflage condoms, anyone?
+ This interview with Hollywood Unlocked’s Jason Lee is a wild ride.
+ This peaceful moose family will be welcomed into my garden.
+ The treadmill designed to make me laugh didn’t hold my worst nightmare.

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