Community health workers are leaving without funds to help the most vulnerable

GRANITE CITY, Illinois. with a solo person.

Scott works in an office in the summer of the African continent flowing to the new world or more in the metropolitan area of ​​St. Louis. Petersburg. Louis. Because the terms of the case are not based on the status quo: if the interests of the citizens of Granite City reside in the area, it is simply a government proclamation.

Then it hit covid-19, and it became a destabilizer. And here’s what Scott’s interviewers do: to help find the last person who can do so and pay the rent. Learn how to clean or what a local coin is. It’s made more by making most of the money by hitting the casinos and having nothing to do with it. And the name of the person arrested for breaking the law shall be the one arrested.

“He tenido hambre. “There’s no auto tenido,” Scott said. “I passed by those things”.

Scott is one of 650 community health workers of the Illinois Department of Public Health to create and set up group chat rooms after March. This is the facility of the Salvadoran Salud Program for Pandemias whose minimum wage is about $ 55 million at the Centers for the Control of the Constituency of the United States (CDC) in the federal state under the auspices of the Congress.

The group completed 45,000 asylum solicitudes, which limits the trajectory of rastreo of covid -related details.

Christina Scott is one of 650 trabajadoras alumni of the Saludis Department of Illinois with a total of $ 55 million which is the federal government in terms of the eco-ecosystem of the disease. “He was hambre. There are not ten cars. He pasado por esto ”, he said.(Lauren Weber)

In the midst of the strike, opponents of the communal state group, Scott said, were only able to meet the solicitudes of those involved in the main project, and the navegadores more. to the public asking.

But the restaurant will take the June paycheck. Trabajadores like Scott are in the last days for the future and for the living. Dr. Georges Benjamin, executive director of the United States Association, said it was the story of the history of the United States. “As long as the dollars disappear, we will see some people fall short,” he said.

The problem, according to Benjamin, is that it is the result of a tourism system of pivotal love of the world. “If you do this, you can do it, even if there is no secret system.”

Leading members of the communist party were elected as part of President Joe Biden’s charity program. Ideally, you’ll notice the benefits in the veins that are supposed to be blocked by the neudaita ayuda. But here’s the secret that these programs establish the basics of methodological stability.

To determine how many millions of states needed to create an office for American Rescue Plan Act organizations and participate in the March march, said Denise Smith, organized by the National Coalition for Social Cooperation. .

But, in addition, much of the money is spent quickly on health departments or national initiatives, not local community organizations. “For real and for the work of the car, things like nuns, it’s easy and impossible,” he said. “We can’t do it for free”.

The Illinois program is committed to the contraboration of the dentro of comunidades. Two thirds are identified as Latinos, or blacks in Hispanics. About 40% were previously unemployed, and they contracted money in the communities they served. Cobran’s are $ 20 to $ 30 per hour, and almost all emperors added mid -season or increase in size.

Tracey Smith, who runs the Pandemic Health Navigator Program for the Illinois Public Health Department and works closely with Denise Smith, thinks it’s the most important work group, not a lie, for people to navigate. to the system. national poor medical attention and unconnected government assistance programs.

Angelia Gower, vice-president of the NAACP in Madison, Illinois, is one of the Commonwealth’s most powerful members. “Like the week of the week, and the time, and you’ve started, start confiar”, he said. “You’re making a connection”.

But in the middle of the year, I isolated myself from the crisis in Illinois, the survivors of a devastating disease last year, and the 450th year, in a critical way to avoid conflicts. new.

The Community Care Center in Granite City, Illinois, will provide you with support and assistance in the United States. (Lauren Weber)

Smith hopes the project will raise money to keep about 300 community health workers in person, taking advantage of the credibility it has built in communities to focus on disease prevention.

The fragmented American salad system, and its systemic failures, will not disappear with covid, he said. Además, millions of people are the victims of the Medicaid crisis and the idea of ​​lowering their health benefits, claims Benjamin, making a break in the red of the year .

Part of the money will be allocated as Scott in the future, it would be better to send covid u otra enfermedad transmissionable.

How would you describe a table that has time to change the process, to make it easier for the driver to climb on top of the FEMA fundraiser for a funeral trip that is being held quickly? How can you establish a monopoly on the non -governmental services you are responsible for in your family, even if you are not in a difficult situation?

Denise Smith is the only major contributor to the Ley de Cuidado de Salud and Bajo Precio (ACA) schools. In 2013, thanks to the work of the communications industry in Connecticut, I was able to reduce the number of people living in the area by about 50%. But the dining table is acacia and the design is simple.

For the first few months, Scott didn’t get the care of people like Christina Lewis, 40.

When I realized that Lewis’s cell phone had been downgraded, Scott turned his attention to Lewis using the same car as he was looking for other people. Lewis said Scott’s Jews were not rich. Lewis was diagnosed with coronary heart disease at age 5, Briella, a former patient with congenital pulmonary hemorrhage. La lucha for me could be the best time of my season in between scoring.

Bromoando on the price of oil, Lewis said: “Yeah, it’s better to choose a bicycle”.

In recent months, Scott has been able to interview Lewis over the past few months on the island of wealth. Scott is making a difference with his customers and his team.

“Can a person live in a state of shock?”, He asked.

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