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Lucy is an account manager. His next trip is to visit one of his biggest customers in 2 days – everything is ready, and has been booked for the past few weeks. A new email appeared in his inbox: from their client, who got sick and had to postpone the meeting for a week.
Lucy looked at the new flight dates. The new fare is more expensive and there are 3 seats left. With only a week to go before her next appointment, Lucy finds that prices are rising fast. He immediately sent the request, and waited…

Then there’s Matt, attending a business event in Chicago. He is going to the airport. Unfortunately, there was an accident and his car got stuck in traffic. He had to change to a flight soon! He requests a change through his app, but it’s 6 in Chicago and for Marine, his travel manager back in Paris, it’s 1 o’clock the next morning.

For Lucy and Matt, plans like this can change all the time, and when you’re so close to leaving, time is of the essence. Delays in processing approvals can leave travelers waiting, unsure of what to do, and complicate their travel experience, especially if it occurs in their journey! It can cost your business money. According to our own data:

10% of the flights are sold before approval
a prices may increase up to 200% like the day to leave!

So we asked ourselves, how can TravelPerk help? Next to Longer than 24h a change request of five will be accepted. But are permits necessary for such changes?

We interviewed drivers across companies and 75% Some of them agree that when traveling at the last minute, the agreement does not affect the cost of the trip. When a trip is really needed, then the only time you need to find another solution and seek approval is if there is no economic fee.

But for managers and travelers who need to change when traveling, the main goal of the admin is to give them an answer as soon as possible, and avoid increasing important position by leaving them intact.

We’re happy to say that we’ve taken all of this advice on board and we’ve made quick approvals for those special cases! This gives you options to customize the approval rights for travel changes made before and during the trip.

Stay tuned, approvals are coming soon!
Can’t wait? Meet with your account manager to see what you can do!

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