Celebrate ‘Star Trek: First Contact’ day with this new coffee table book

Happy First Contact Day, that Trekkie holiday year marks a moment of reflection when philanthropist Roy Orbison’s Zefram Cochrane made his critical Warp 1 flight aboard the rocket ship Phoenix to begin the first contact Meeting with the Vulcan people near Boseman, Montana. And what better way to celebrate than the new Star Trek First Contact coffee table just released by Titan Books.

That important day in the “Star Trek” lore, April 5, 2063, became a turning point for all Humans in connecting the world in ways that were impossible, before this meeting in unexpectedly, arguing that good alien life cannot be found elsewhere. .

These momentous moments are highlighted in the 1996 film “Star Trek: First Contact,” one of the best writers on Hollywood’s list of 43 -year -old Trek movies – you can see them all in action. we guide the Star Trek movies in the setting.

Star Trek: First Edition

(Photo credit: Paramount Pictures)

We are big fans of First Contact, even though we ranked third on our Star Trek movie list. More than any other film from the TNG era, it shows a deep love for Star Trek lore and a kind of appreciation for the direction of Jonathan Frakes, as well as Commander William Riker.

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