CDC releases COVID-19 health advice for cruise passengers

FFederal health officials are releasing the advice they have included sailing since the onset of illness, leaving retirees to decide if they are safe to sail.

Sailors welcomed Wednesday’s announcement, which came as a result of many people’s concerns about summer vacation plans.

A business group said the move by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention was based on actions taken by shipowners, demanding that members of the company and most passengers to be confined to the disease.

The CDC released the COVID-19 “cruise ship health alert” that was first issued in March 2020, after the disease spread to several ships around the world.

However, the agency did not disclose the details of the flight.

“While the voyage will always pose a problem of shipping COVID-19, travelers will do their personal evaluation when choosing to travel on a cruise ship, just as they do. and other travel destinations, “CDC Dave Daigle said in an email.

Daigle said the CDC’s decision was based on “the current state of the disease and the decrease in COVID-19 cases on cruise ships in recent weeks. “

COVID-19 cases in the United States have fallen since mid-January, although the decline has been slow in recent weeks, and the average is now seven days for new cases per year. today in the US has not changed from two weeks ago. numbers from Johns Hopkins University. States have returned mask orders, putting pressure on federal officials to appease those affected by the virus.

Diseases continue to be reported on the cruise ships, which are tested before the end of the voyages.

On Sunday, a Princess Cruises ship returning from the Panama Canal had a number of “big” cars that showed good for sick leave. Princess Cruises said all passengers reported low and no signs at all, and passengers and passengers were detained. About a dozen cars were tested before the same ship sailed to San Francisco in January.

Operators must notify the CDC about disease cases on ships. The industry has a color system that separates ships based on the percentage of passengers who report well. The CDC said the system will continue.

Pilots complained that from the onset of the disease their profession was chosen to replace it and then COVID-19 was more stable than others, including aircraft.

The Cruise Lines International Association said in a statement that the CDC intends to open its health advice “recognize the good health practices that are in place on cruise ships and begin to level the playing field between the ocean and all the different places in the country. “

Colleen McDaniel, managing director of Cruise Critic, a website that publishes reviews of cruises, called the CDC decision major news.

“It’s like a sign of the winds of change as it travels,” he said. “I think that can dispel some of the skepticism. What the CDC is saying is important to sailors.”

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