CASTOR telescope upgrade – Honeywell has a deal

The Canadian Space Agency (CSA) has awarded Honeywell Aerospace a Phase-0 study for the proposed CASTOR spacecraft.

The Cosmological Advanced Survey Telescope for Optical and UV Research (CASTOR) telescope is a designated “1-meter class space telescope concept on a small satellite platform that offers an independent offering to astrophysics by providing space wide, high -resolution UV image.and spectral optical field, better than earth optical telescopes in the quality of the image.

Using celestial principles, the CASTOR logo honors Castor Canadensis - the North American Beaver - Canada’s national animal and a
Using celestial principles, the CASTOR logo honors Castor Canadensis – the North American Beaver – Canada’s national animal and a “symbol of the Canadian government.” Currency: CASCA.

The CASTOR telescope is expected to be a global operation, although it will be led by Canada. Canada’s last leading astronomy telescope was the MOST telescope released in 2003. It was well established before it was completed in 2019. If the CASTOR telescope goes first, it will be a big deal. forward for the Canadian astronomy community. The CASTOR telescope is the number one space astronomy community.

It should be noted that Canada is an important partner in the BRITE Constellation of six nano-satellites.

The Phase-0 scholarship agreement was awarded for $ 919,669 on February 17th and is expected to be completed within one year.

The study follows a CSA $ 2.25 million technology development project to ABB Canada awarded in April 2021 for a “first technology” study of Wide-Field Astronomical Imaging in UV / Optical technology. It is expected that the study will be completed within a year.

The Canadian Astronomical Society (CASCA) has just released a new feature on the CASTOR telescope.

  • The CSA Technical Education Agreement (STDP) continues to make good progress. A new review of the design and operation of the Fast Steering Mirror has been shown to create a better guide for viewing. The James Webb Space Telescope uses the same guidance system, so it is an important legacy to this capability. Other work is underway on sensors and charge opto-mechanical problems.
  • The long -awaited Phase 0 scholarship agreement begins on March 8th. This study integrates with the STDP process, and both studies will be completed about a year from now. What can be offered first from the Phase 0 training is a full and well -planned mission concept, with approved teams, that can quickly move to the Phases A to E. aircraft that are currently being planned. . The Phase 0 study consists of a technology agreement (led by Honeywell Aerospace) and a scientific group (led by the NRC / HAA), which is currently a joint project between CSA and NRC. There are scientific corporations (SWGs) and employment agreements with several Canadian universities.
  • CASTOR and India INSIST companies continue to have a regular schedule and hold regular meetings. The partners also include JPL and the UK, which is involved in the STDP and Phase 0 work.
  • The ACURA and Coalition board is fully recognized and is taking mail from the Universities to the government to prepare for approval and funding. We welcome partners to join SWG and promotional activities.

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