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We know many travelers have been patiently waiting to get back to exploring the world. We also know that traveling in recent months – whether you’ve been affected by flight delays, lost luggage, or rising travel costs – also requires patience. .

At TripIt, we’re always looking to improve your travel experience, and we want to help you when things don’t go according to plan. That’s why we’re partnering with AirHelp, a company that specializes in helping air travelers claim compensation for delayed, canceled, or canceled flights to/from/in of the European Union (EU) and Brazil.

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Haven’t heard of AirHelp, or want a refresher on how to do it on TripIt? We’ve got you covered with all the details, below.

How does AirHelp work?

It’s very simple: If you find a flight claim that can be paid in the EU or Brazil, TripIt will email you and help you file a claim through AirHelp.

Once your claim is filed, AirHelp does the rest of the hard work for you—including paperwork and communication with airlines—to help you claim compensation for your trouble.

All this is possible due to the necessary regulations of the airlines in some areas to protect passengers from long delays and other travel problems.

More good news: You can connect your TripIt and AirHelp accounts to see if you’re eligible for compensation for any EU or Brazil flight problems you’ve experienced in the past three years. To connect your TripIt and AirHelp accounts visit AirHelp and sign in with your TripIt credentials.

What flights are eligible for the fee?

Fees vary by country:

  • Click here for approval of flight issues to/from/within the EU.
  • Click here for approved flight issues to/from/within Brazil.

To remember, you will not be allowed to receive a refund if the flight is not in control (and therefore, it is not eligible for a refund), such as weather problems.

DYK? TripIt Pro’s Alternate Flights can help you consider your options for getting on an alternate flight if yours is delayed or canceled.

Is there a fee to use AirHelp?

In short, no. AirHelp will only deduct the service fee from your payment amount if your claim is successful. If AirHelp can’t help you get paid, you won’t get paid.

With more than 16 million travelers helped, AirHelp has the resources and knowledge to tackle the complex claims process. For more information, visit AirHelp or TripIt’s help center.

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