Canada spends billions in new investments

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, arrested on March 24, 2022, announced Can $ 9.1 billion in climate work.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, arrested on March 24, 2022, announced Can $ 9.1 billion in climate work.

More electric cars and green energy are among the measures laid down by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Tuesday under a multibillion-dollar plan for how Canada will meet its carbon target.

In a speech in Vancouver announcing Can $ 9.1 billion (US $ 7.3 billion) in climate work, the prime minister echoed Europe’s desire to separate itself from Russia’s oil and gas after the attack on Ukraine’s open space with renewable energy.

“The leaders I spoke to in Europe in recent weeks are clear: They don’t want to end their dependence on Russian oil and gas, they want to accelerate energy conversion. to clean and green power, ”he said.

“The whole world is looking at clean energy,” he said, “and Canada can’t do that without it.”

Canadian companies have said the project will provide a more lucrative business, while environmental groups have said it won’t go far but will improve oversight of the oil transportation and industry. and air – the two main sources of pollution.

“Canada is not using what it needs to increase the impact of climate change and transform the country into a clean energy future,” the Environmental Defense support group said in a statement.

Trudeau had long won the race but, according to his critics, the results had been weak.

His Liberal administration last year set a new goal to reduce carbon emissions by 40 to 45 percent below 2005 levels by 2030.

But the independent federal court ruled that Ottawa had not done enough to achieve that goal, after looking at a decade of government crackdowns that have led to emissions.

Environment Commissioner Jerry DeMarco said in November that Canada was named the “worst offender” among the seven industrialized nations in cutting emissions.

While Canada accounts for about 1.6 percent of global CO2 emissions, it is among the top 10 emitters in the world and one of the highest emitters per capita.

The new climate plan – Canada’s 12th since 1988 – is expected to account for more than 40 percent of emissions from the oil and gas industry, despite approving last week. to increase oil production by about five per cent to help address the shortcomings faced by European partners blocking Russian energy.

And it commands 20 percent of all cars and trucks sold in Canada to be zero emissions by 2026 and 100 percent by 2035.

The new funds have been set aside to restore energy to homes, help key industries use carbon -capture technologies and conserve, slow down agricultural production, and improve agriculture. building new wind turbines and solar farms, and maintaining and restoring wetlands and forests.

These projects will be built on a previously announced carbon tax that will increase significantly to Can $ 170 a ton by 2030.

The Government of Canada seeks carbon neutrality by 2050

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