Business events are back – here are a few numbers to prove it

There are few things in a business that make employees laugh and say. “I can’t wait“Before an event. Whether it’s a corporate kick-off, a summer party, or building business teams, these kinds of human events are among the benefits of business culture.

Group events provide an opportunity for employees in your industry to come together. They encourage employees to achieve goals, make people feel a sense of purpose, create alignment between teams, and so on. Coronavirus infection has wiped out everything for health and safety – but now, these events are coming back in a big way.

Therefore, we decided to run a survey among our client to understand the nature of the major corporate events in 2022 and beyond. See what they have to say!

88% of companies plan additional events and groupings in 2022 and above

With virtual events transforming events into real life during illness, a strong emphasis is placed on bringing people back face -to -face. In fact, 88% of the organizations we surveyed said they were returning to planning events for mobilizations in 2022 and beyond..

In fact, while many event planners expect hybrid events to lead into the future, studies have shown. 72% of those who believe they can get the benefit out of physically going to a hybrid event. And while we’re excited to be back in live events, there are virtual event experiences that remain to welcome the participation of employees who can’t physically attend. With tools like Zoom that allow you to zoom in on these events in real time, employees will feel logged in and put in their place.

It was a fun group event

Chemical events are the first to come back

There is a future of events with partners coming together to build relationships. Fifty percent of respondents to our survey reported that the first steps they take to plan are when it is safe to do so on their own lands or in residential areas. join with a night party. With all the limits set last year and 2020, it’s no surprise that businesses and employees are waiting to leave online events and go out for a company.

What else 46% of respondents said they would be happy to organize a large group off-site for things like kick-offs or socializing. Team organizers need to plan events like this next year – and it can’t start right away! Here are some good readings to help get you started planning your event for the coming year:

79% of people expect to build relationships through human events

There’s something about building relationships in real life that you can’t get by accessing virtual knowledge or in an online business. that’s why The # 1 reason people enjoy returning to face-to-face meetings is the ability to build relationships in the real world.. In fact, 79% of the respondents to our survey confirmed this fact.

As our CEO Avi always says:

The essentials of life depend on the individual. This belief comes from magic and energy that explodes when we meet the body. Understanding is broken when we can read before the voice of another and listen before the voice of another. Anger of trust when supporting each other with sincere attitudes. Fury of motivation is when we solve difficult problems and create new ones together. The laughter is, when we exit the shelter to enjoy the little ironies of life. And knowledge is knowledge, when we know we are on the same ship. ”

Avi Meir, CEO and Co-Founder at TravelPerk

No amount of virtual reality technology can compete with that!

For this question, we give our respondents the opportunity to select several factors that motivate them to return to personal events. 50% said they felt immersed in the business culture as one of the greatest benefits they expected from returning to live events.. This is a great way to show when you think about the role of business culture in keeping employees. In fact, 47% of people who are looking for a new business culture are the main reason they want to quit. That’s why it’s important to plan these events – it’s an important part of fostering the kind of business culture you and your employees want.

Something else 46% of respondents reported that business events help them improve and give them better alignment and insight into business goals.. If you’re stuck wondering how to get the most out of your next event, check out our team out of the menu for inspiration!

Trade shows, conferences, exhibitions, and high -profile events are back in a big way

46% of companies expect to return to attend major trade shows and other business events. This is not surprising, since these events present career opportunities for businesses from different sectors. In fact, 90% of those who attended the trade show say they have not had the opportunity to meet with face -to -face trade shows before. – make them an ideal place to build new relationships.

COVID-19 disease has a significant impact on the manufacturing industry, with similar factors Conferences and forums are ending at a rate of 73% at the peak of the crisis. While some of these events have been moved to a digital event mode through the use of powerful virtual event platforms, not everyone is able to do so.

People who come to the regular event lack the opportunity to meet customers or personal partners, and they want to do it again. These types of conferences represent an independent oppo

Thinking of conferences or trade shows to print later? We have some suggestions:

Your honored guest is your money – take a good look at him

Real fun – 79% of companies set aside special funds for events and corporate events. Those things, 39% set aside a budget for each person, 32% do so for each office, and 25% do so for each company..

Because of the type of event you’re planning – whether it’s an event for your employees or someone else to buy the event – you need to understand your expenses and stay in the bank. It’s a challenge for everyone, including event professionals. Here are some expenses you might consider taking:

  • Event venue (additional nightlife requirements)
  • Driving to and from an event
  • Taking care of food and drink
  • Design technology such as projectors, speakers etc.
  • Fun or teamwork
  • Security program for changes or deletions

Navigating the tour and staying for the visitors presents a huge challenge

Undoubtedly one of the biggest challenges in event management has to do with opening up travel and accommodating for so many people. In fact, 68% of the respondents to our survey said traveling and living as they would need a lot of help when planning their next event. Other challenges include making sure they stay in the treasury, finding the most suitable place for their event, and keeping track of who is going.

That’s something we, at TravelPerk, can help with. We created TravelPerk Events, a tool for event organizers to:

  • Guide participants and help them identify who is going / not going
  • Show event details to participants (location, directory)
  • Help organizers and participants navigate the tour to and from the event

What’s more, TravelPerk Events gives you access to our full range of products. 69% of respondents to our survey indicated that they need the most help when booking a trip and living as a change and departure.. By signing up with TravelPerk Events, you can access FlexiPerk, a tool that allows you to edit or delete any type of book at any time and earn money. We also help you with groups and give you the opportunity to book from the largest library on the market.

With TravelPerk Events, you can say goodbye to the boards with endless columns for those who went in person vs virtual, as well as a to -do list of what you saw at the event! It’s a simple and easy -to -use tool (with an app!) That allows hybrid and remote teams to integrate into real life. Watch and request a demo today!

Keep up your events – it’s a good thing, it’s not a good thing

Persistence is more than just a career. 70% of Americans think it is important or critical in their business to make the world a better place. in a small way. You can start by minimizing the environmental impact your business has when planning and organizing an event or return.

The manufacturing industry also has a high carbon footprint. According to a new study, the average 1000-person event produces 530 metric tonnes of CO2e emissions! That’s why organizing ongoing events now isn’t just a good idea, it’s a dream. Doing what you can to reduce the negative impact of your event on the environment is a responsibility that should not be taken lightly – there are many easier ways to do so.

At TravelPerk, we strive to help our users travel in a secure and responsible way. We have developed two tools – GreenPerk, our carbon -free service, and GreenPerk API, an open API that allows companies to calculate their carbon footprint. We support high -end sustainability projects around the world, all of which are VERRA certified, and hand -picked by a team of experts. To find out more, talk to one of our experts today!

If you only read one thing …

Then maybe this is a quick summary! Here are some important things we learned while researching the future trends of business events:

  • 88% of companies are returning to planning various business events for 2022 and beyond
  • 50% say the first event they want to organize is a kind of team effort to give back to colleagues.
  • 46% seek to organize public events such as kick-offs or parties to promote camaraderie and friendly relationships between colleagues.
  • 79% of employees look forward to building physical relationships with their co -workers through these types of corporate events.
  • 46% of companies are starting to return to major trade shows, conferences, and summits when events return to real life.
  • 79% of companies dedicate specific funds to business events, but allocate them separately such as office, corporate, or individual.
  • 68% said they need a lot of help going forward is to organize the trip and stay for business events.

Are you planning a business event every now and then? Why not check out the TravelPerk events to see how it works!

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