Boeing has unveiled a new 777 ‘ecoDemonstrator’ test jet

(CNN) – Boeing has unveiled its new 2022 ecoDemonstrator aircraft – a 20 -year 777-200ER modified to test new technologies related to sustainability and safety.

The ecoDemonstrator will go through six -month trials on earth and in the air, starting this summer.

Among the 30 or so technologies that are set to be tested during the announcement are about projects designed to reduce fuel use, emissions and noise, while attachment to perpetuals.

For example, Boeing is working with NASA to create the SMART vortex devices – small vortex on the wing designed to improve aerodynamic performance during flight and landing.

Other projects include a system designed to save gray water – the water washed into the boiler is used to clean the toilets, which reduces the weight of the aircraft.

The aircraft will also be used to test an “environmentally friendly” exhaust system, a new fire extinguisher to reduce green gas emissions and an enhanced information system for pilots to improve performance. necessary.

In the meantime, Boeing will continue its full research into the impact of continued fuel consumption on reducing emissions.

The aircraft manufacturer said the company plans to use the 777-200ER during its pilot phase using a 30/70 combination of continuous aircraft fuel (SAF) and standard aircraft fuel.

Boeing’s ecoDemonstrator project began a year ago and takes technologies out of the lab to test them in a work environment.

He tested about 230 technologies in total “to help decarbonize aviation, improve efficiency and increase the safety and awareness of passengers.”

The Boeing 2022 ecoDemonstrator will test 30 technologies to improve safety and sustainability.

The Boeing 2022 ecoDemonstrator will test 30 technologies to improve safety and sustainability.


The 2022 ecoDemonstrator aircraft, bearing the registration number N861BC, was first delivered to Singapore Airlines in 2002, and then spent flying time with Air New Zealand and Suriname Airways in its 20s.

It was repainted with a livery around the Earth, which Boeing said marks a decade of trying to reduce fuel use, emissions and noise.

“Boeing is committed to supporting our customer so that the aviation industry can achieve our common goal of net-zero carbon emissions by 2050,” said Stan Deal, president and CEO. Lots of Boeing Commercial Airplanes, so to speak.

“The ecoDemonstrator project’s strong commitment to new technologies will further improve the environmental performance of our products and services and is an important asset for continuous safety improvement.”

Boeing said about a third of these tested technologies are integrated into its products and services.

The airline industry has long struggled to establish a sustainable flight system in the face of growing criticism.

Various reports by professional watchdogs and environmental organizations believe that the aircraft emits 2-3% of the world’s CO2 emissions.

At its annual meeting in October 2021, IATA, the International Air Transport Association, announced a resolution supporting a carbon-zero transition by 2050.

At this year’s IATA AGM, to be held June 19-21 in Doha, Qatar, a “Focus on Sustainability” meeting will address industry-related issues related to single-use plastics, SAF and sustainability challenges – with net zero carbon emissions by 2050.

Many airlines have vowed to provide carbon-neutral aircraft and seek out other fuels to reduce pollution.

Earlier this month, Spanish airline Air Nostrum announced it was ordering 10 new aircraft. The Airlander 10 is scheduled to be delivered by 2026. Manufactured by UK-based Hybrid Air Vehicles, the aircraft can cut emissions by 90%, according to the company.

Top photo: The Boeing 2022 ecoDemonstrator. Found: Boeing

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