Between living and dreaming; is in New York City!

Deciding where to travel after a two -year COVID travel hiatus is easy, New York City is one of the most exciting cities in the world.

Getting there is a breeze, with United Airlines easily providing direct daily flights between Joburg and New York / Newark Liberty International Airport. What’s more, since June 7, 2022 United Airlines has operated 3 times a week from Cape Town directly to New York / Newark – two operations now throughout the year.
United is using the new Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner which offers a choice of three cabins. Their 48-seat range, United Polaris® commercial floor products (with full flat seats), United® Premium Plus (economic premium) with 21 seats and a 2-3-2 seating arrangement and United Economy® with seat 149 and a 3 -3-3 seat arrangement. In the presence of United Economy® you can pay an extra USD225 per flight for any of the 39 United Economy Plus® seats that offer legroom and seating.
I was lucky enough to fly in March this year at United® Premium Plus which provided a great deal and comfort for a long 16-hour night ride. The seating is more spacious and you have a comfortable walk, you have a rich menu service, but you serve first.
The ease of direct flight will not be underestimated. The LAG rules (no water, aerosol and gases over 100ml in your handbags) have been strictly enforced — your purchase of non-acidic water and water bottles will be provided in seal bags in the doors 10 minutes before installation. If you are flying in United® Premium Plus, book in advance as the 2 seats fly faster.
It is recommended to download the United APP to provide accurate information on your travel information. The Travel-Ready Center is a unique store that helps you prepare for your trip by showing you the requirements of your travel itinerary.

Newark Liberty International Airport is located in the nearest state of New Jersey about 45-60 minutes by car from the center of Manhattan. Due to the early morning arrival, the bills were short and fast moving – I had to wait a long time for my bag before getting my passport. I found it easier to travel in Newark than to arrive at JFK Airport which is much more, because the short lines in moving are a big time saver.

South African passport holders need a visa to enter the United States and proof of COVID-19 registration.
There are many ways to enter Manhattan from Newark; car, by Airtrain or car train. Pre -booked cars can set you back over $ 80 for two with taxes, tip – if you don’t have a lot of luggage, I think taking the Airtrain is better – take you to Penn Station on W34th Street in half an hour. .

When I lived in Manhattan, I always felt like someone else in a movie that enhances a lot of the sights and attractions, the yellow cars, the steam flowing out of the cars. manholes, hot dog cars and food trucks and the constant sounding of ambulance sirens.
New York is big but with googling and thinking you can stretch the Rand. Housing prices in Manhattan are very high but a lot of the joy of visiting this city is living in the city. We stayed at Jewel New York, a hidden well in the heart of Midtown; close to Rockefeller Center, Central Park, Subway, Times Square and Radio City Music Hall. The rooms are comfortable and offer coffee and tea, free water, high-end Wi-Fi, free laundry service and are located two blocks from my favorite Bagel Shop-Toasties on West 51st Street. to set up a cream cheese bagel breakfast. will return you $ 2.00 (take a free hotel coffee) Be careful-prices in New York are not included in taxes so you can expect to pay between 7% and 8.875% sales tax on up and up.
New York is a great city that is well known on foot so combine what you want to see in different neighborhoods. (e.g. Brooklyn Bridge / 911 Memorial / Staten Island Ferry as well) I suggest a plan, even if you’ve been there for a few days – the day we wanted to see the 911 Memorial Museum is closed , And that which is highly esteemed. Scotts Pizza Tours only ran in Brooklyn on Saturday.

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