Belad Bont Resort – The first of its kind in Salalah, Oman

It was like a VIP at Belad Bont Resort in Salalah! That’s why you live in the city.

Can I say that I had one of my best Middle Eastern tours in Oman? After traveling to Muscat, the desert, and exploring Sur, we headed straight to Salalah.

There is so much to see in Oman and my stay in Salalah was not enough. My trip was filled with the hospitality of the Omani people and the amazing customer service of Belad Bont Resort, my home for 3 days and 2 nights in Salalah. More details of my stay at Belad Bont Resort are below!

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Things to do in Salalah, Oman

1. Sultan Qaboos Mosque

It is the second largest church in Oman and this is what it looks like. The Sultan Qaboos Mosque is beautiful and breathtaking to look at! The church was decorated with marble and covered with a large Persian mat. The church can be visited by non -Muslims every morning (except Fridays). Remember to wear appropriate clothing. Women should have their hair covered, no shorts, and shoulders. Worth a visit!

2. The Beach!

There are several beaches in Salalah that you can see! If you have a lot of time, you can spend a day at the beach for a meal after exploring some famous things. Here are the beaches you should visit.

  • Al Mughsail Beach – You have to see this beach like a dream, a longest white beach about 6 km away, with water like the Caribbean. A very good reason to return to Salalah.
  • Al Fizayah Beach – Another Caribbean idea in the East. The beautiful texture and clear water change to blue and turquoise! To get there, you have to navigate down a cliff and find yourself in a clean and lonely paradise. Recommended!
  • ʻO Marneef Cave – One of the popular tourist attractions in the Salalah area. Getting into this adventure. The cliffs and grotto are located on the west side of Al Mughsail Beach.

3. Sumhuram Old City

Sumhuram Old City can be preserved but it needs to be seen. One can imagine the extreme stress in the past with a little thought. Everything is an amazing dig with a great view of the first harbor. Must visit the nearby museum.

4. Frankincense Land Museum

Between the old and the new Salalah is the Frankincense Museum and archaeological sites. The museum is small but knowledgeable and interesting. There was a lot of digging and not on hot days or in the morning. Here you will not only learn something about the perfume but also a lot about the history of Oman which is approached by changing the descriptions.

5. Take a look at other famous places in Salalah

There is not enough sun in Salalah because there are many beautiful places to watch. Here are some other famous places in Salalah that you will not forget!

  • City of Taqah – a well-kept castle, in the bedroom is an old four-polar bed, and from above you can see the beach. In the courtyard, a palm tree provides shade and has a small fragrant tree. The fence was occupied until 1984.
  • Earth Gravity Controversy – You need to know this! As if being pulled by a spirit hand, the heavy truck off the road would ride up the steep mountain without the power of the engine. The point is located between Taqah and Wadi Darbat, at the beginning of the road to the Dhofar plain.
  • Al Balid Restaurant – The excavation dates back about 800 years to the reign of the Portuguese in 1500 who changed the trade routes and eventually the city. You can see the remains of houses, churches, and shops near the beach as well as a new water reservoir from the table in the mountains behind.

Location in Salalah, Oman

Belad Bont Resort is a luxury hotel and resort on the west side of Salalah City. There are 99 rooms that guests can choose from; rooms (standard, upper, super deluxe), chalets, and VIP Suites. We stayed in one of their Chalets!

During our 3 days and 2 nights to see what Salalah has to offer, we were able to have a chance to stay at Belad Bont Resort which was the first of its kind in Salalah!

The accommodation, dining, spa & gym, and customer service are superb! My photos are a testament to the joy (and happiness) of everything I have seen in Belad Bont!

Restaurants of Belad Bont Resort

Belad Bont Resort is the first of its kind in Salalah, Oman

You know how much I love food, and when I think of a dish or a restaurant, believe me because you don’t have to forget that! I also have a voice if the food does not match my taste. To leave this alone, I want to tell you that I LOVE food at Belad Bont. They gave us a welcome cake, yes! (Eat? That wasn’t heard .. I see you too, haha!)

In Belad Bont, they have 4 restaurants, a pool on the side of the swimming pool, and a women’s only house which I thought was very nice;

  • Mosaic (Painted all day)
  • Ottoman Restaurant
  • Riviera Lounge
  • The swimming water is the sea
  • Yasameen (Women’s Only Museum)

Belad Bont Resort is the first of its kind in Salalah, Oman

I enjoyed everything we had, from the drinks to the snacks and the big dishes. And because Belad Bont has so many options to eat, it’s really hard to choose where to eat, but of course, you can always try whatever your mouth craves!

Work out at Belad Bont’s Spa & Gym

Staying in Belad Bont means you deserve a vacation! The Spa & Gym is something you will never forget. They have the Yasemeen Spa which is unique for women where you’ll find a nail bar, a heated indoor pool, and a gym designed for women! Yes!

You can spend some time in the sauna to release some unhealthy “energy” from all the problems this world has given us. Haha!

After that, immerse yourself in the Jacuzzi, ahh… can you imagine how relaxing that would be? It was a dream come true!

My time in Oman is very limited but everything I have heard about this country before is true, very fun! That’s why even though I haven’t left the country, I’m planning to go back! Hope to bring you all back one day.

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