Ask for a healthy diet: ground beef, celery juice, and nut milk

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Tim said: “These days, I’ve seen Instagram posts saying don’t be fooled by‘ healthy foods ’like Impossible Burger, celery juice, almond milk, and protein bars. I know some of this (like fake meat!). Some people have confused me. What is wrong with celery juice? Is almond milk bad now ?! ”

Woman in the kitchen handing a bottle of fresh water squeezed to the juicer. I see, right? There is a lot of information out there, and everyone has an idea about healthy habits.

As a health consultant, I can help you break down that list of “scammy” scammers. More importantly, I can share some guidelines to help you figure out if foods are healthy or a scam.

First of all, remember that eating real food doesn’t have to be hard. When working with and educating customers for my own life, my main focus is to keep things simple.

I find social media hype and “food fights” can make food a lot harder. In times of doubt or anxiety, return to that great cause. Here’s what makes living and eating at Primal so much fun: The idea is just simple.

In practice, this means dealing with the food in its “whole” form (how it is made by nature). Apples are better to choose than apple juice, for example. Navigate to long lists of things you can’t say or see. You see the drill.

Take a look at some of the common “healthy foods” on sale today.

Really different types of plants

Flesh is a big business these days. They are being marketed as a healthy and nutritious product. You can’t walk through a supermarket and look at a restaurant menu without running into them.

A Primal way of eating can appeal to people who choose to limit or avoid animal products for any reason. These different meats are very far from their real nature, so I have a hard time talking to them about my client.

Impossible Burger ™ features highly processed ingredients such as soy leghemoglobin (SLH), which is derived from modified yeast. A similar product, Beyond Meat ™, is said to be non -GMO but contains ingredients such as pea protein isolate and inflammatory essential oils such as canola and sunflower.

In fact, I would say the best option is to go ahead and eat meat. Grazing cattle are good, fed and maintained if you can afford it and it is worth your money. If you don’t have the resources to produce grass -fed meat, don’t worry; Fed cattle is better than fake meat. If you’re looking for a plant -based option, ‘burger’ pies made with noodles and legumes such as lentils or black beans. if they do unto thee The better the options.

Celery juice

This isn’t bad, it’s probably Primal! I mean, it’s just water from a plant on earth after all …

When we drink vegetables and fruits and discard the rest of the vegetable, we no longer eat the whole food (unless you add it to a smoothie). The food is packed into something called a food matrix. All pieces of food are together, not “sold for pieces.” Eating celery juice without fiber… yes, is only natural. Celery is never eaten in that way.

That said, celery juice is not the best choice and can be good. It does not provide good fat or protein. For all the benefits expected by celery juice influencers? Will it fix everything that is bothering you or change it to a full -fledged diet? No. Is it delicious? It’s up to you, I think, but it’s not from me.

Is it deceptive? Not necessarily, but some of the language around it is very good. I do not know the reason for that. It should not be used as a substitute for a stronger first payment.

Ammonium milk and other milks due to the fruit

Not all nut milk is made. The good news is you can find more brands out there making products with smaller features and craftsmanship. The small news is that most of the food.

Like celery juice, we don’t get the whole food here. Almonds in their entirety are nutritious foods, containing magnesium, copper, vitamin E, and manganese, as well as fat, protein, and prebiotic fiber. Almond milk is made by mixing almonds with water and sifting through solids – most foods.

If the label tells you, the foods are mixed as part of the process. While it wasn’t a disaster for everyone, he brought home the reality of nut milk, left to his own devices, only devoid of food. Turn the package over to see what else is added to the almond milk; you might be surprised to see a long list of foods.

Like all nuts and seeds, nut milk is not necessary for everyone. They can be a big problem for people who have stomach problems.

Is almond milk a scam? I wouldn’t call nut milk a “healthy food,” but it’s a good choice for those who don’t tolerate milk and want something to add to their morning coffee. Don’t go drinking them instead of water, and if you can, spend the money on better options. Or try to do it yourself. You’ll enjoy the simplicity, or you’ll probably prefer the finished product more than what you’ll see in the store.


Like nut milk, there is a wide range of protein packs on the market. Some protein boxes are made into fatty foods, full of Primal snacks, but not many others. Many non-Primal foods such as soy and brown rice, can help with systemic inflammation.

Look for options with small ingredients that feature the Primal-friendly ingredients you’ll find such as whey, egg whites, nuts, and seeds. If you are looking at your carb intake, make sure you check it out as well. Most sugarcane containers contain surprising amounts of carbon from sugar and dried fruits.

The meats are my favorite because they are so tender. I like beef that is fed grass fed. Best of all, 100% primal protein bars are a substitute for a whole diet? Not in my opinion. Nor is it the best way to eat your protein. However, they can be a good choice if you want a proper protein supplement to combine with regular foods.

Choosing the best options

These are just a few of the health foods that my customers often ask questions about. Of course, there are many more. Before breaking them down, I suggest two steps, “basic principles”:

  1. Keep it simple. When in doubt, stick to food that is closer to its natural form. We were able to live this long without healthy franken foods. Return to basics.
  2. Listen, trust, and respect your body’s signals. How do you feel about any food? Think not only when you eat but after that day or when you are lying in bed that night, trying to fall asleep. How’s the next morning You may have noticed pain in your thighs after eating. There may be gas, constipation, constipation, or diarrhea afterwards. Brain fog, fatigue, anger. Flares include conditions such as nausea, asthma, or sore throat. Listen to the signals from your body. Gather the data and use it the next time you stand for a food choice.

This is easy, but it is not easy. You can be skeptical of your food choices every time you post and challenge your news.

This is why it is important to work with a trained health counselor. The counselor will help you identify yourself with the best foods for your personal body, lifestyle, and health goals.

Lastly, your best defense against the food sales demands of health food scams is a good mistake. Learn to identify foods that support it oeand you can end the noise with joy.

What other healthy foods do you mix? Leave them in the comments below!


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