Ask Astro Why does the European Clipper orbit Jupiter more than Europe?

Why does the European Clipper orbit Jupiter more than Europe?

Gary Duemling

Prescott, Arizona

NASA’s Europe Clipper spacecraft is set to launch in 2024, bringing in 10 crews to evaluate the position of Europe’s Jupiter moon. The manufacturer will follow the findings of the 1990 missionary Galileo, who orbited Jupiter and created many of the Earth’s orbits and its massive satellites. As you can see, the Europa Clipper orbits Jupiter. However, he would only invest in Europe, doing about 50 a month of ocean sports on his first mission.

So why would it orbit Jupiter and not Europe itself? One word: radiation. Jupiter binds and accelerates the high -strength particles that are attached, creating a donut -shaped belt that rotates with the Earth. Europe surrounds Jupiter in this space of high light, and so this evil is always seen. The radiation belt damages airplanes and electric vehicles, leading to rapid decay if undetected.

A NASA study in 2011 reviewed a European-orbiting spacecraft and an optional “Multiple-Flyby Mission” flying to Jupiter. Across Europe, an orbiting spacecraft will be limited to a life span of just one month because of this constant exposure to radiation. In contrast, the high elliptical orbit of the European high -flying Clipper is the one that spends most of its time outside of the high -altitude circuit, only briefly seeing it during flight. his passing soon a month. As an added bonus, its long elliptical orbit can restore the flight data collected to Earth, as well as create updates between European teams (usually two to three weeks apart). ).

The Clipper Europe flight program provides more data than a European flight, and the planned routes allow for a high -resolution map closer to the world. Currently, the Europa Clipper is launching into shipyards between domestic and foreign countries. We hope you continue to follow the European missionary Clipper as we move into the unseen science!

Cynthia Phillips

Project Staff, Europe Clipper Mission, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, California

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